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Parametric analysis of vehicle suspension based on air spring and MR damper with semi-active control

Road profile identification with an algebraic estimator

Frequency-Dependent Effects on Coordination and Prefrontal Hemodynamics During Finger Force Production Tasks

Experimental and numerical studies on the low-frequency responses of a spar-type floating offshore wind turbine

Cardiac Acclimatization at High Altitude in Two Different Ethnicity Groups.

Coupled effects of magnetic field, number of walls, geometric imperfection, temperature change, and boundary conditions on nonlocal nonlinear vibration of carbon nanotubes resting on elastic foundations

A nonlinear hybrid energy harvester with high ultralow-frequency energy harvesting performance

Open and Short Circuit Post-Fault Control Strategies for Multi-Three-Phase Interior Permanent Magnet Machines

A fractional finite strain viscoelastic model of dielectric elastomer

Pregnant Supports on Hemodynamics Responses during Postural Changes and Daily Physical Activities: a randomized control trial

Effects of an Innovative Head-Up Tilt Protocol on Blood Pressure and Arterial Stiffness Changes

Impact of topical airway anesthesia on immediate postoperative cough/bucking: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Two-phase expanding mechanism and pressure response characteristic of boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion under rapid depressurization

Multi-classification of fNIRS Signals in Four body parts Motor Imagery Tasks Measured From Motor Cortex

An Intensive Monitoring of Adverse Drug Reactions in Indoor Patients of Paediatric Department at Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital in Gujarat, India.

Influence of electrical part of traction transmission on dynamic characteristics of railway vehicles based on electromechanical coupling model

DEKF to Estimate Hemodynamic Response and Path-length in fNIRS Data

The Formation Mechanism of High-Order Polygonal Wear of Metro Train Wheels

Variability of Platelet Reactivity on Antiplatelet Therapy in Neurointervention Procedure

Equilibrium and Forced Vibration of an Axially Moving Belt with Belt-Pulley Contact Boundaries

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Dynamics Responses 역학 반응

Dynamics Responses 역학 반응
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