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In Silico Hemodynamics and Filtering Evaluation of a Commercial Embolic Protection Device

Disrupted osteocyte connectivity and pericellular fluid flow in bone with aging and defective TGF-β signaling

Dynamics Predict sentence examples within Molecular Dynamics Predict

Predicting Hugoniot equation of state in erythritol with ab initio and reactive molecular dynamics

Dynamics of the isotope exchange reaction of D with H3 +, H2D+, and D2H.

Dynamics Predict sentence examples within Transmission Dynamics Predict

Barrier bednets target malaria vectors and expand the range of usable insecticides

Exposing Anopheles mosquitoes to antimalarials blocks Plasmodium parasite transmission

Dynamics Predict sentence examples within Ctdna Dynamics Predict

Clinical relevance of circulating tumour (ct)DNA genotyping for first-line cetuximab-based treatment monitoring in metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC): A prospective multicentric study

Dynamics of Tumor and Immune Responses during Immune Checkpoint Blockade in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.

Dynamics Predict sentence examples within Network Dynamics Predict

Increased oscillatory power in a computational model of the olfactory bulb due to synaptic degeneration.

Neural Dynamics on Complex Networks

Dynamics Predict sentence examples within Brain Dynamics Predict

Resting-state dynamics as a neuromarker of dopamine administration in healthy female adults

Precursors of seizures due to specific spatial-temporal modifications of evolving large-scale epileptic brain networks

Dynamics Predict sentence examples within Adaptive Dynamics Predict

Implicit Regularization and Momentum Algorithms in Nonlinearly Parameterized Adaptive Control and Prediction

An Experimental Investigation of Price Dispersion and Cycles

Dynamics Predict sentence examples within dynamics predict mortality

Prognostic impact of invasive exercise haemodynamics in patients with severe mitral regurgitation.

Prediction of mortality benefit based on periodic repolarisation dynamics in patients undergoing prophylactic implantation of a defibrillator: a prospective, controlled, multicentre cohort study

A novel constrained genetic algorithm-based Boolean network inference method from steady-state gene expression data

Experiment to observe an optically induced change of the vacuum index

How much does habitat isolation drive forest bird morphology?

Effect of microalloying by Ca on the microstructure and mechanical properties of as-cast and wrought Mg–Mg2Si composites

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Dynamics Numerical Prediction for Composite Wide-Chord Fan Blade

Combined role of SiC whiskers and graphene nano-platelets on the microstructure of spark plasma sintered ZrB2 ceramics

Usefulness of a Novel Risk Score to Predict In-Hospital Mortality in Patients ≥ 60 Years of Age with ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction.

Testing for the continuous spectrum of x rays predicted to accompany the photoejection of an atomic inner-shell electron

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Atomistic and macroscopic characterization of nanoscale thin film liquid-vapor phase change phenomena

A Bayesian semi-parametric model for thermal proteome profiling

Expose the true and false faces of the Asian Giant Hornets

Pathway Bifurcations in the Activation of Allylic Halides by Palladium and Their Influence on the Dynamics of η1 and η3 Allyl Intermediates.

Gravitational Decoherence and the Possibility of Its Interferometric Detection.

Local and global chemical shaping of bacterial communities by redox potential

Correlation between mean transverse momentum and anisotropic flow in heavy-ion collisions

Effect of Novel Swirl Distributor Plate on Hydrodynamics of Fluidized Bed Gasifier

Experiments and CFD-DEM simulations of cohesive particles sedimentation in stilled fluid

Kinetic Monte Carlo and hydrodynamic modelling of droplet dynamics on surfaces, including evaporation and condensation

Rate-controlled constrained equilibrium for large hydrocarbon fuels with NTC

Characterization of the Vacuum Birefringence Polarimeter at BMV: Dynamical Cavity Mirror Birefringence

Spinning drop dynamics in miscible and immiscible environments.

An Experimental Study on the Dynamics Calibration of a 3-DOF Parallel Tool Head

Identifying the electron–positron cascade regimes in high-intensity laser-matter interactions

Extension of Frequency Tuning Band in sub-THz Gyrotrons with Strong External Reflections

Dynamic characteristics analysis of agitator design for soy sauce cooking process

Nonlinear dynamics of directional drilling with fluid and borehole interactions

New Estimation of the Curvature Effect for the X-ray Vacuum Diffraction Induced by an Intense Laser Field

Analog quantum simulation of superradiance and subradiance in trapped ions

GCN-GAN: A Non-linear Temporal Link Prediction Model for Weighted Dynamic Networks

Monopole–antimonopole pair production by magnetic fields

Capillarity-driven supersolubility in dual-porosity systems

Biosensor-based kinetic and thermodynamic characterization of opioids interaction with human μ-opioid receptor.

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Dynamics Predict 역학 예측

Dynamics Predict 역학 예측
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