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A mixture varying-gain dynamic learning network for solving nonlinear and nonconvex constrained optimization problems

Learning stabilizable nonlinear dynamics with contraction-based regularization

Study of the properties of sulfonic cation exchanger

Learning where to trust unreliable models in an unstructured world for deformable object manipulation

Monolingual Language Ideologies and the Idealized Speaker: The “New Bilingualism” Meets the “Old” Educational Inequities

Is there an Optimal Localization of Cardio-microphone Sensors for Phonocardiogram Analysis?

Temperature dependent morphological changes on algal growth and cell surface with dairy industry wastewater: an experimental investigation

Detoxification of lead(II) ions in aqueous solutions using chemically modified Ziziphus jojoba and Eriobotrya japonica leaves: thermodynamic and kinetics considerations

Vibration Stability of Spindle Nodes in the Zone of Tool Equipment Optimal Parameters

Learning Stabilizable Nonlinear Dynamics with Contraction-Based Regularization

A DFT study on N-6-amino-hexylamide functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes in interaction with silver ion in a gaseous environment

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Dynamics Function 역학 기능

Dynamics Function 역학 기능
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