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An ultrasensitive homogeneous electrochemical biosensor based on CRISPR-Cas12a.

Solvent-loaded metal-organic framework of type MIL-101(Cr)-NH2 for the dispersive solid-phase extraction and UHPLC-MS/MS analysis of herbicides from paddy field waters

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A Workload-Adaptive Streaming Partitioner for Distributed Graph Stores

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Scalable Performance Prediction of Irregular Workloads in Multi-Phase Particle-in-Cell Applications

Role of organizational image in employee engagement and performance

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Method to Address Complexity in Organizations Based on a Comprehensive Overview

The New Company

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Analyzing the effect of location, communication regime, and demographic faultline on team cohesion

Analyzing the effect of location, communication regime, and demographic faultline on team cohesion

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Comparison of Satisfaction with Life, Psychological Distress, and Workplace Bullying Between Engineering Procurement Construction Workers and Construction Civil Engineering Contractor Workers

Satisfaction with life, psychological distress, and workplace bullying among construction workers

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Expanded job scope model and turnover intentions: A moderated mediation model of Core-Self Evaluation and job involvement

Investigating human-robot cooperation in a hospital environment: Scrutinising visions and actual realisation of mobile robots in service work

Predictive control of FlexRay vehicle-mounted network based on neural network

A-DSP: An Adaptive Join Algorithm for Dynamic Data Stream on Cloud System

A third hand to the surgeon: the use of an endoscope holding arm in endonasal sinus surgery and well beyond

Virtual Workload Measurement for Assessing Systems Utilizing Automation Technology

Do Customer Emotions Affect Agent Speed? An Empirical Study of Emotional Load in Online Customer Contact Centers

Age-related differences in the use of relaxation techniques during intensive professional training

Collaborative engagement experience-based learning: a teaching framework for business education

Multiscale dynamic mean field (MDMF) model relates resting-state brain dynamics with local cortical excitatory–inhibitory neurotransmitter homeostasis

Psychodynamic Treatment with the Addicted Person.

Symbiotic Robotics Network for Efficient Task Offloading in Smart Industry

A study on the prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders among ageing workforce of Indian construction industry

Design and Analysis of a Fast-Speed Flip-Chip Bonding System with Force Control

Quantification on fuel cell degradation and techno-economic analysis of a hydrogen-based grid-interactive residential energy sharing network with fuel-cell-powered vehicles

ESAMP: Event-Sourced Architecture for Materials Provenance Management and Application to Accelerated Materials Discovery

Graded oxygen-doped CdS electrode for portable photoelectrochemical immunoassay of alpha-fetoprotein coupling with a digital multimeter readout

Can psychological capital reduce stress and job insecurity? An experimental examination with indian evidence

Change in the Gibbs Energy of the Distribution System of Fractionation during the Separation of a Multicomponent Mixture

Charger-Mediated Quantum Batteries

Host utilization prediction using hybrid kernel based support vector regression in cloud data centers

The Mediating Role of Organizational Identification in the Relation between Organizational Social Capital, Perceived Organizational Prestige, Perceived Employability and Career Satisfaction

Signal-on photoelectrochemical immunoassay mediated by the etching reaction of oxygen/phosphorus co-doped g-C3N4/AgBr/MnO2 nanohybrids.

Self-protective motion planning for mobile manipulators in a dynamic door-closing workspace

Principles of local realism in a Friedmann universe

Adaptive Task Allocation and Scheduling on NoC-based Multicore Platforms with Multitasking Processors

Direct-readout photoelectrochemical lab-on-paper biosensing platform based on coupled electricity generating system and paper supercapacitors.

Bandit Learning with Predicted Context: Regret Analysis and Selective Context Query

A New Equation for a Scalar Field from Thermodynamics First Law and Its Cosmological Implications

Reply to ‘Letter to the editor: Myocarditis should be considered in those with a troponin rise and unobstructed coronary arteries following PfizerBioNTech COVID-19 vaccination’

A Machine Learning Framework to Improve Storage System Performance

Hoplite: efficient and fault-tolerant collective communication for task-based distributed systems

Loss Minimization Control for Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor in a Wide Speed Range

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Graphene double cross-linked thermally conductive hydrogel with low thermal contact resistance, flexibility and self-healing performance

WorkTrue: An Efficient and Secure Cloud-based Workflow Management System

Liquid-assisted adhesion control of graphene–copper interface for damage-free mechanical transfer

Hybrid Auto-Scaled Service-Cloud-Based Predictive Workload Modeling and Analysis for Smart Campus System

Cache-aware scheduling of scientific workflows in a multisite cloud

Local Privacy-Preserving Dynamic Worker Locations in Spatial Crowdsourcing

A review of optimization approaches for controlling water-cooled central cooling systems

Cognitive Visual Commonsense Reasoning Using Dynamic Working Memory

Objective assessment of surgeon kinematics during simulated laparoscopic surgery: a preliminary evaluation of the effect of high body mass index models

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Dynamic Work 다이내믹 워크

Dynamic Work 다이내믹 워크
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