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Information traceability platforms for asset data lifecycle: blockchain-based technologies

Blockchain and Smart Contracts: A Solution for Payment Issues in Construction Supply Chains

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High-Efficiency Multilevel Multimode Dynamic Supply Switching Modulator for LTE Power Amplifier

DSS modulator using the SIDO dc−dc converter for the CMOS RF PA integrated circuit

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Analytical Design Solution for Optimal Matching of Hybrid Continuous Mode Power Amplifiers Suitable for a High-Efficiency Envelope Tracking Operation

Efficient X-Band Transmitter With Integrated GaN Power Amplifier and Supply Modulator

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Dynamic Separation of Microgrid System to Maximize Reliability in a Smart Grid

Auction-based cloud service allocation and sharing for logistics product service system

Severe Myocardial Dysfunction after Non-Ischemic Cardiac Arrest: Effectiveness of Percutaneous Assist Devices

Dynamic Supply-Demand Balancing Policy for CMoD Fleet

A novel distributed energy system using high-temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cell integrated with hybrid-energy heat pump

Towards Circular Economy through Industrial Symbiosis in the Dutch construction industry: A case of recycled concrete aggregates

Matching Uncertain Renewable Supply with Electric Vehicle Charging Demand—A Bi-Level Event-Based Optimization Method

Security of Supply in Gas and Hybrid Energy Networks

Age‐related changes in cerebrovascular health and their effects on neural function and cognition: A comprehensive review

Consumer Savings, Price, and Emissions Impacts of increasing Demand Response in the Midcontinent Electricity Market

Optimal Sharing Strategies of Idle Manufacturing Resource Considering the Effect of Supply-Demand Matching

Contribution to authentication and data privacy on internet of things scenarios

Joint optimization of Energy Production & Storage

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Dynamic Supply 동적 공급

Dynamic Supply 동적 공급
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