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Physiological resistance of Sasa argenteostriata (Regel) E.G. Camus in response to high-concentration soil Pb stress

The protective effect of dwarf bamboo on broad-leaved seedlings against deer browsing

Survival of young, dense Betula ermanii stands after wildfire at top soil removal sites

Spatial Evaluation of Greenhouse Gas Fluxes in a Sasa (Dwarf Bamboo) Invaded Wetland Ecosystem in Central Hokkaido, Japan

Dynamic study of the lead (Pb) tolerance and accumulation characteristics of new dwarf bamboo in Pb-contaminated soil.

Gross primary production of dwarf bamboo, Sasa senanensis, in a mature beech forest with a substantial gap-mosaic structure.

Assessment of climate change effects on alpine summit vegetation in the transition of tropical to subtropical humid climate

Biomass allocation strategies and Pb-enrichment characteristics of six dwarf bamboos under soil Pb stress.

Multivariate path analysis of the relationships between seedling regeneration and environmental factors beneath a dwarf bamboo understory

Radioactive Cesium Contamination of Sika Deer in Oku-Nikko Region of Tochigi Prefecture in Central Japan

Sasa Quelpaertensis Nakai Induced Antidepressant-Like Effect in Ovariectomized Rats

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Dwarf Bamboo 드워프 대나무

Dwarf Bamboo 드워프 대나무
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