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Gender, Culture and the Living Group Climate

Disproportionate minority contact in the Dutch juvenile justice system

Dutch Youth sentence examples within Muslim Dutch Youth

Perceived discrimination against Dutch Muslim youths in the school context and its relation with externalising behaviour

“It is not possible to be Dutch, and Muslim, and Black:” Second-Generation Youths’ Everyday Practices of Resisting Racism and Islamophobia in the Netherlands

Pedagogies of Turkish Mosque Education in the Netherlands

What makes Dutch youth comply with preventive COVID‐19 measures? An explorative study

The Formation of Party Preference in Adolescence and Early Adulthood: How and When Does It Occur in the Multiparty Context of the Netherlands?

Comparing Factors Influencing Heavy Episodic Drinking of Young Adults in the United Kingdom and The Netherlands

Suïcides en suïcidepogingen van jongeren in Amsterdam

Wheelchair Mobility Confidence Scale for Dutch youth using a manual wheelchair

Externalizing behaviours of Turkish-Dutch and Moroccan-Dutch youth: The role of parental cultural socialization

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Dutch Youth 네덜란드 청소년

Dutch Youth 네덜란드 청소년
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