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Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of the Quaternary 3d Transition Metal High Entropy Alloy CoCrFeNi

Combined effects of porosity and stress state on the failure behavior of laser powder bed fusion stainless steel 316L

The influence of infill density gradient on the mechanical properties of PLA optimized structures by additive manufacturing

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Progressive failure of ductile metals: Description via a three-dimensional coupled CZM–XFEM based approach

Viscoelastic surface electrode arrays to interface with viscoelastic tissues

Stress-induced transition from vacancy annihilation to void nucleation near microcracks

Experimental Observation and Modelling of the Electroplastic Effect in Nonferromagnetic Ductile Metals

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Sinuous plastic flow: Mechanics, microstructural basis, and control

Solution-Processed Stretchable Ag2 S Semiconductor Thin Films for Wearable Self-Powered Nonvolatile Memory.

Numerical Analysis of Experiments on Damage and Fracture Behavior of Differently Preloaded Aluminum Alloy Specimens

Evaluation of void nucleation, growth, and coalescence parameters for HCP-Zr at extreme strain rates

Deburring Method of Aluminum Mould Produced by Milling Process for Microfluidic Device Fabrication

A phase-field model for spall fracture

Influence of sample preparation on nanoindentation results of twinning-induced plasticity steel

A new numerical approach for determination of the Lemaitre’s ductile damage parameter in bulk metal forming processes

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Passive Thermography for Detection of Damaging Events during Quasi-Static Tensile Testing

Summary and Future Study

Fundamentals of Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS): An Ideal Processing Technique for Fabrication of Metal Matrix Nanocomposites

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Infrared thermography-based evaluation of the elastic-plastic J-integral to correlate fatigue crack growth data of a stainless steel

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Fatigue of Cellulose Acetate and Ductile Metals

Void configuration-induced change in microstructure and deformation mechanisms of nano-porous materials

Impact Response of Bamboo Guadua Angustifolia Kunth

An example of in situ ductile damage analysis by tracking algorithm

A comparative study on fracture toughness calculation models in spherical indentation tests (SITs) for ductile metals

Equations of State

A Macroscopic Strength Criterion for Isotropic Metals Based on the Concept of Fracture Plane

Advanced Manufacturing under Impact / Shock Loading: Principles and Industrial Sustainable Applications

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Experiments and numerical simulations with the H-specimen on damage and fracture of ductile metals under non-proportional loading paths

Modeling of Damage of Ductile Materials

A mechanistic modelling methodology for microstructure-sensitive fatigue crack growth

An experimental study on the erosion of stainless steel wire mesh sand screen using sand blasting technique

Ductile Compressive Behavior of Biomedical Alloys

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Ductile Metals 연성 금속

Ductile Metals 연성 금속
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