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Melting behavior in ultrasonic-assisted narrow-gap laser welding with filler wire

Analysis of droplet transition features and weld formation in laser-MIG hybrid welding

Study on Microstructure Formation in Non-autogenous Laser Welded 2A97 Al-Li Alloy

The Influence of Laser Power and Butt Gap on the Droplet Transfer and Weld Formation of Laser Arc Hybrid Welding

Modulating ultrasound contrast generation from injectable nanodroplets for proton range verification by varying the degree of superheat.

Feedforward control of droplet transition in electron beam freeform fabrication based on dual beam spot method

Research on weld formation mechanism of laser-MIG arc hybrid welding with butt gap

Thermodynamic Compensation in Peptides Following Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation.

Investigation of Spatters in Cold Metal Transfer + Pulse-Based Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing of High Nitrogen Austenitic Stainless Steel

Influence of Trapezoidal Cavity on the Wettability of Hydrophobic Surface: A Molecular Dynamics Study.

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Droplet Transition 액적 전환

Droplet Transition 액적 전환
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