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Observations of the near-wall accumulation of suspended particles due to shear and electroosmotic flow in opposite directions.

Intracellular softening and fluidification reveals a mechanical switch of cytoskeletal material contributions during division

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Rapid antigen testing for SARS-CoV-2 infection in a university setting in Ireland: learning from a 6-week pilot study.

Current perspectives of gynecologic oncology fellowship training and preparedness for practice

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Will I Get COVID-19? Partisanship, Social Media Frames, and Perceptions of Health Risk in Brazil

Effects of Emotions on Sexual Behavior in Men with and without Hypersexuality

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Research on optimization technology of high precision milling equipment for planar optical elements

Desain dan Implementasi Sistem Navigasi pada Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

Applications of brain imaging methods in driving behaviour research

Conventional type 2 lung dendritic cells are potent inducers of follicular helper T cells in the asthmatic lung.

Effect of solid–gas damping on dynamic characteristics of aerostatic guideway

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Dynamic Simulation and Analysis of the Synchronous Mechanism of High-Speed Machine Tool Protective Cover with Joint Clearance

BIM Supported Surveying and Imaging Combination for Heritage Conservation

Appropriate technology dissemination to increase cassava chips production capacity

Declines and peaks in NO2 pollution during the multiple waves of the COVID-19 pandemic in the New York metropolitan area

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Design of Ackerman Mobile Robot System Based on ROS and Lidar

A Nucleolus-Based Quota Allocation Model for the Bitcoin-Refunded Blockchain Network

Spin angular momentum of gravitational wave interference

Phase-Field Modeling Fracture in Anisotropic Materials

Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Compressible-Brake-Fluid Flow Characteristics and Brake-Bleeding Performance in EPB Caliper

Visual delay affects force scaling and weight perception during object lifting in virtual reality

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Mitra Pengemudi Gojek dalam Jeratan Ekonomi Berbagi Melalui Platform

We cannot ignore the real component of the rise in thyroid cancer incidence

Vehicle Politeness in Driving Situations

An Underwater Vector Propulsion Device Based on the RS+2PRS Parallel Mechanism and Its Attitude Control Algorithm

The Difference in Being Poor in Red States versus Blue States

Selection of Materials Used in Viscous Clutch With ER Fluid Working in Special Conditions

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Multi Response Optimization of Turning Parameter Power Screw Hospital Bed Using Taguchi-Hybrid Method

Pattern of Obesity among Health Workers in Owerri , Imo State , Nigeria .

Research on linear magnetic reciprocating yarn-guiding system

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Addressing small-scale forestry informal markets through forest policy revision: A case study in Papua New Guinea

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Driving Part 구동부

Driving Part 구동부
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