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Detection of Emergency Braking Intention From Soft Braking and Normal Driving Intentions Using EMG Signals

An EEG-Based Multi-Classification Method of Braking Intentions for Driver-Vehicle Interaction

Driving Intention sentence examples within driving intention identification

Model predictive control-based control strategy to reduce driving-mode switching times for parallel hybrid electric vehicle

Effect analysis of emotions on driving intention in two-lane environment

Intention of Risk-Taking Behavior at Unsignalized Intersections Under the Connected Vehicle Environment

CommDisk: A Holistic 360° eHMI Concept to Facilitate Scalable, Unambiguous Interactions between Automated Vehicles and Other Road Users

An Anthropological Study Designed to Understand the Essence of Intention Sharing Between Drivers and Passengers

Vehicle Motion Prediction at Intersections Based on the Turning Intention and Prior Trajectories Model

A Survey on Decentralized Cooperative Maneuver Coordination for Connected and Automated Vehicles

Research on Prediction Algorithm of Vehicle Speed Based on Driving Intention Classification

The extended theory of planned behavior considering heterogeneity under a connected vehicle environment: A case of uncontrolled non-signalized intersections.

How have workplace coaches experienced coaching during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Understanding on-the-go consumption: A retail mix perspective

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Early Ductal Carcinoma Revealing in Mammography Images Using Machine Learning

Descriptive, Injunctive, and Collective Norms: An Expansion of the Theory of Normative Social Behavior (TNSB).

Research on Prediction Algorithm of Vehicle Trajectory in Front Based on Driving Intention Classification

Research on Multi-objective Trajectory Prediction Algorithm Based on Driving Intent Classification

Lane-Merging Strategy for a Self-Driving Car in Dense Traffic Using the Stackelberg Game Approach

Gaze-contingent decoding of human navigation intention on an autonomous wheelchair platform

The Car-Following Model Based on Fuzzy Inference Controller

Analysis of braking intention based on fNIRS in driving simulation experiments

Modelling and simulation of highly mixed traffic flow on two-lane two-way urban streets

Shared steering control combined with driving intention for vehicle obstacle avoidance

Fuzzy Control of Clutch during Mode Switching of Single-axis Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Feature extraction and dynamic identification of driving intention adapting to multi-mode emotions

Driving Intention Identification Based on Long Short-Term Memory Neural Network

Driving Intention Identification Based on Long Short-Term Memory and A Case Study in Shifting Strategy Optimization

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Driving Intention 추진 의도

Driving Intention 추진 의도
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