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The effect of television advertising on soft drink consumption: Individual vulnerabilities in approach bias and inhibitory control

Trends in dietary food groups and Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension (DASH) score among adults: A longitudinal study from the Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study, 2006-2017.

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Risk-Taking Behavior and the Consumption of Alcohol Mixed with Energy Drink among Australian, Dutch and UK Students

Regular intake of energy drinks and multivitamin supplements is associated with elevated plasma vitamin B6 levels in post-bariatric patients

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Gamification and Sugar: A School-Based Pilot Study of Social Marketing and Gamification Approaches to Reduce Sugary Drink Intake in Pasifika School Students

Influence of paternal general parenting on Latino early adolescents’ energy balance-related behaviours and interactions with behaviour-specific parenting practices

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Bee Pollen Polysaccharide From Rosa rugosa Thunb. (Rosaceae) Promotes Pancreatic β-Cell Proliferation and Insulin Secretion

Contribution of Solid Food to Achieve Individual Nutritional Requirement during a Continuous 438 km Mountain Ultramarathon in Female Athlete

Can the color red trick you into drinking less? A replication study

The prophylactic potential of Zingiber officinale flowers and leaves extract to mitigate hyperglycemia in Sprague Dawley rats

Association between Soft-Drink Intake and Obesity, Depression, and Subjective Health Status of Male and Female Adults

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Feasibility and reliability of the Self Administered Children’s Lifestyle Assessment (SACLA), a new tool to measure children’s lifestyle behaviors: the VIF Program

Preventive role of propolis against hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia in Sprague dawley rats (Rattus norvegicus) animal modelling system

Social cognition and cortisol in the general population: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Metabolic activities affect femur and lumbar vertebrae remodeling, and anti-resorptive risedronate disturbs femoral cortical bone remodeling

Food and drink marketing on social media and dietary intake in Australian adolescents: Findings from a cross-sectional survey

436Food addiction, mental health and substance-use during a transition period: Data from 6,700 Australian 12/13-year-olds

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Wearable and Flexible Devices for Cuff-less Blood Pressure Estimation and Monitoring: A Review

Neuroprotective Effects of apple-derived Drinks in a Mice Model of Inflammation.

‘The Dormouse’: my story as a lightweight rower with overtraining syndrome

Modelling optimal diets for quality and cost: examples from Inuit and First Nations communities in Canada 1.

Nitrite in Public Water-Supply Is a Health Hazard

Sensitivity and specificity of an electronic nose in diagnosing pulmonary tuberculosis among patients with suspected tuberculosis


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Association Between Ultraprocessed Food Consumption and Risk of Mortality Among Middle-aged Adults in France

Work Ability and Vitality in Coach Drivers: An RCT to Study the Effectiveness of a Self-Management Intervention during the Peak Season

Fluctuation of Water Intake and of Hydration Indices during the Day in a Sample of Healthy Greek Adults

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Drink Intake 음료 섭취

Drink Intake 음료 섭취
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