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Thermal-Recoverable Tough Hydrogels Enhanced by Porphyrin Decorated Graphene Oxide

Design of injectable agar/NaCl/polyacrylamide ionic hydrogels for high performance strain sensors.

(Macro)molecular self-assembly for hydrogel drug delivery.

Bacterial cellulose reinforced double-network hydrogels for shape memory strand.

Development of the network alteration theory for the Mullins softening of double-network hydrogels

MoS2-Embedded, Interpenetrating Network Composite Hydrogels that Show Controlled Release of Dyes and Tunable Strength

Transparent, flexible, and multifunctional starch-based double-network hydrogels as high-performance wearable electronics.

Selected Phase Separation Renders High Strength and Toughness to Polyacrylamide/Alginate Hydrogels with Large-Scale Cross-Linking Zones.

Recent Advances in Design Strategies for Tough and Stretchable Hydrogels.

A General Crosslinker Strategy to Realize Intrinsic Frozen Resistance of Hydrogels.

Trends in Double Networks as Bioprintable and Injectable Hydrogel Scaffolds for Tissue Regeneration.

Elastic MXene Hydrogel Microfiber-Derived Electronic Skin for Joint Monitoring.

Imparting ultralow lubricity to double-network hydrogels by surface-initiated controlled radical polymerization under ambient conditions

Strong anti-polyelectrolyte zwitterionic hydrogels with superior self-recovery, tunable surface friction, conductivity, and antifreezing properties

Nonlinear photoelasticity of rubber-like soft materials: comparison between theory and experiment.

Dynamic cross-linking of an alginate–acrylamide tough hydrogel system: time-resolved in situ mapping of gel self-assembly

Mechanical Properties of a Supramolecular Nanocomposite Hydrogel Containing Hydroxyl Groups Enriched Hyper-Branched Polymers

Enzyme-induced mineralization of hydrogels with amorphous calcium carbonate for fast synthesis of ultrastiff, strong and tough organic–inorganic double networks

Double-network hydrogel adsorbents for environmental applications

Bioinspired, Recyclable, Stretchable Hydrogel with Boundary Ultralubrication.

Bioinspired double network hydrogels: from covalent double network hydrogels via hybrid double network hydrogels to physical double network hydrogels

Fabrication of a water-retaining, slow-release fertilizer based on nanocomposite double-network hydrogels via ion-crosslinking and free radical polymerization

Preparation of magnetic double network nanocomposite hydrogel for adsorption of phenol and p-nitrophenol from aqueous solution

Tough chitosan/poly(acrylamide-acrylic acid)/cellulose nanofibrils/ethylene glycol nanocomposite organohydrogel with tolerance to hot and cold environments.

Polyacrylamide/Chitosan-Based Conductive Double Network Hydrogels with Outstanding Electrical and Mechanical Performance at Low Temperatures.

Magnetic double-network hydrogels for tissue hyperthermia and drug release.

Open vessel free radical photopolymerization of double network gels for biomaterial applications using glucose oxidase

Fabrication and mechanical behaviors of novel supramolecular/polymer hybrid double network hydrogels

Natural Polymer-Based Hydrogels with Enhanced Mechanical Performances: Preparation, Structure, and Property.

Functional Hydrogels and Their Application in Drug Delivery, Biosensors, and Tissue Engineering

Macroscale Double Networks: Design Criteria for Optimizing Strength and Toughness.

Antibacterial poly (ethylene glycol) diacrylate/chitosan hydrogels enhance mechanical adhesiveness and promote skin regeneration.

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Double Network Hydrogels 이중 네트워크 하이드로겔

Double Network Hydrogels 이중 네트워크 하이드로겔
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