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Double Effect sentence examples within proton exchange membrane

Optimization of a novel solar-based multi-generation system for waste heat recovery in a cement plant

Thermodynamic diagnosis of a novel solar-biomass based multi-generation system including potable water and hydrogen production

Double Effect sentence examples within Flow Double Effect

Thermodynamic analysis and optimisation of double effect absorption type combined power and cooling cycle using LiBr-water as working fluid

Parametric study of geothermal parallel flow double-effect water-LiBr absorption chiller

Double Effect sentence examples within double effect absorption

Exergy analysis and exergoeconomic assessment of trigeneration system: a case study

Free Piston Stirling Engine as a new heat recovery option for an Internal Reforming Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

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Double Effect sentence examples within double effect libr

Energy grade splitting of hot water via a double effect absorption heat transformer

Multi-objective design optimization of a solar based system for electricity, cooling, and hydrogen production

Double Effect sentence examples within double effect water

Thermodynamic analysis of geothermal series flow double-efffect water/LiBr absorption chiller

Parametric study of geothermal parallel flow double-effect water-LiBr absorption chiller

Double Effect sentence examples within double effect solar

Charging performance evaluation of finned conical thermal storage system encapsulated with nano-enhanced phase change material

Effective utilization of natural convection via novel fin design & influence of enhanced viscosity due to carbon nano-particles in a solar cooling thermal storage system

Double Effect sentence examples within double effect cycle

Thermodynamic analysis and comparison of different absorption cycles driven by evacuated tube solar collector utilizing hybrid nanofluids

Exergy analysis of single to triple effect lithium bromide-water vapour absorption cycles and optimization of the operating parameters

Double Effect sentence examples within double effect lithium

Thermodynamic and exergoeconomic analysis of a novel solar-assisted multigenerational system utilizing high temperature phase change material and hybrid nanofluid

Performance analysis and optimization of new double effect lithium bromide–water absorption chiller with series and parallel flows

Double Effect sentence examples within double effect system

Techno feasibility analysis of a concentrating solar thermal cooling systems at a university complex

Energy hybridization photovoltaic/diesel generator/pump storage hydroelectric management based on online optimal fuel consumption per kWh

Ovarian steroids and cancer: news on the breast, questions on the reproductive tract

Mothers: The Invisible Instruments of Health Promotion

Palliative Sedation, Compassionate Extubation, and the Principle of Double Effect: An Ethical Analysis.

Goods, causes and intentions: problems with applying the doctrine of double effect to palliative sedation

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Just War in the Midst of Combat

Time at a Standstill

In Situ Atomic-Scale Observation of Silver Oxidation Triggered by Electron Beam Irradiation

The Effect of Real Effective Exchange Rate Changes on China’s Import Trade Structure

Isolation of a protein-polysaccharide complex from brown algae biomass

Experimental Studies of the Electrical Breakdown of Fire Extinguishing Powders

Sedation and general anaesthesia in end‐of‐life care: the boundary has to be defined

The Worsening Outcomes of the COVID-19 Lockdowns on Patients with a History of Alcoholism

Periferno u globalnom? Hrvatske serije u odnosu na domicilnu i globalnu kulturu (Novine i Uspjeh)

Highly efficient and enhanced sulfur resistance supported bimetallic single-atom palladium–cobalt catalysts for benzene oxidation

Experimentation and modeling of convective heat transfer coefficient for evaporation of liquid foods in a pilot plant double effect

Intra-Articular Injection of miR-29a-3p of BMSCs Promotes Cartilage Self-Repairing and Alleviates Pain in the Rat Osteoarthritis.

Grouting Mechanism in Water-Bearing Fractured Rock Based on Two-Phase Flow

Influence factors and risk analysis of new energy vehicles from the perspective of system

Bending for Better: Flexible Organic Single Crystals with Controllable Curvature and Curvature-Related Conductivity for Customized Electronic Devices.

KOH selective etching strategy to construct novel TiO2-wrapped sulfur as cathode for lithium–sulfur batteries

Antiproliferative and palliative activity of flavonoids in colorectal cancer.


The relationship between foreign direct investment and GDP in Cameroon (2000–2020)

Entropy minimization on magnetized Boussinesq couple stress fluid with non-uniform heat generation

Irreconcilable Disagreement

Corrosion Inhibition of X70 Pipeline Steel Under Hydrodynamic Conditions of CO2 with Amide Extraction from Coffee Bagasse

Herpesviruses. Part 2

Effect of selected monovalent salts on surfactant stabilized foams.

Digital Platforms & Economic Dependence in Chile - Any Room for Competition Theories of Harm without Dominance?

Plasma-catalytic Efficiency on the Discolouration of Sunset Yellow FCF in a Glidarc Plasma Reactor in Presence of WO₃ Used as Catalyst

Mechanistic Insights into the Dual Directing Group-Mediated C–H Functionalization/Annulation via a Hydroxyl Group-Assisted MIII-MV-MIII Pathway

Facing ethical dilemmas in industrial-organizational psychology: The case for the principle of double effect

Influence of anisotropic strain and temperature on hydrogen dissolution in tungsten

Withdrawing critical care from patients in a triage situation

Young Children Respond to Moral Dilemmas Like Their Mothers

70 Systematic review on the doctrine of double effect within palliative care

twelve: 1 MARCH 1972

The Effect of the Viscosity of a Trehalose Solution on ATP Hydrolysis by Chloroplast F 1 -ATPase

Cambios en la pérdida de peso y la composición corporal con dieta cetogénica y práctica de actividad física: revisión narrativa, metodológica y sistemática

Effect of α-tocopherol as a green inhibitor on chloride-induced corrosion of steel

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Effect of immersion time of glass powder on mechanical properties of concrete contained glass powder as cement replacement

Hepatocyte Growth Factor: A Microenvironmental Resource for Leukemic Cell Growth

Information and Communication Infrastructures and New Business Models in Rural Areas: The Case of Molise Region in Italy

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Frost-heaving mechanical model for concrete face slabs of earthen dams in cold regions

A multi-step cold plasma process for fine tuning of polymer nanostructuring

Detection and identification technology of rotor unmanned aerial vehicles in 5G scene

A perfect storm: fear of litigation for end of life care

The Doctrine of Double Effect and Killing Animals for Food

Ethylene production via catalytic ethanol dehydration by 12-tungstophosphoric acid@ceria-zirconia