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60 GHz Double Deck T-Gate AlN/GaN/AlGaN HEMT for V-Band Satellites

60 GHz Double Deck T-Gate AlN/GaN/AlGaN HEMT for V-Band Satellites

Captures of Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis) Adults in Post-Invasion White Ash Sites with Varying Amounts of Live Phloem

Traditional Ship Stability Evaluation in Toba Lake

Single Molecular Adsorption of Terbium(III) Bis-phthalocyaninato (TbPc2) Governed by Two Surface Reconstructions of Perovskite Type SrVO3 Epitaxial Ultrathin Film

CFD Analysis of the Performance of a Double Decker Turbine for Wave Energy Conversion

Preparation of double decker {Li3(Cl−)(Hhp)}22− dianions and H2TPCor− monoanions by deprotonation of free-base trithiododecaazahexaphyrin (H3Hhp) and triphenylcorrole (H3TPCor) macrocycles

Design of a new turbine for OWC wave energy converters: The DDT concept

Violence and Mental Health Among Gender-Diverse Individuals Enrolled in a Human Immunodeficiency Virus Program in Karnataka, South India

Innovative school projects

Steady state charge conduction through solution processed liquid crystalline lanthanide bisphthalocyanine films

Incorporation of Battery Electric Buses in the Operation of Intercity Bus Services

What’s new at the BSAVA Stand: BSAVA Congress 2019

SubSect - An Interactive Itemset Visualization

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Double Deck 더블 데크

Double Deck 더블 데크
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