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Double Addition of Alkynyllithium Reagents to Amides/Lactams: A Direct and Flexible Synthesis of 3-Amino-1,4-diynes Bearing an Aza-Quaternary Carbon Center.

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Nitrogen ylide formation and subsequent reactions via Cp-Ruthenium catalyzed diazo decomposition

Effectiveness of Application of Additional Strengthening Processing of Surface Plastic Deformation on Increase in Fatigue Life of Parts

Organocatalytic Mukaiyama Mannich Reactions of 2,5-Bis(trimethylsilyloxy)furan.

ZnCl2-Mediated Double Addition of Dialkylphosphite to Nitriles for the Synthesis of 1-Aminobisphosphonates (ABPs).

Direct access to substituted benzo[b]carbazoles through cascade annulation of 2-vinylbenzaldehydes with indoles.

Platinum and Gold Catalysis: à la Carte Hydroamination of Terminal Activated Allenes with Azoles.

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