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Dose Monitoring sentence examples within Radiation Dose Monitoring

Effect of a Radiotherapeutic Megavoltage Beam on Ultrasound Contrast Agents.

Development of measurement methods and dose evaluating algorithms for electronic personal dosimeter

Dose Monitoring sentence examples within Therapeutic Dose Monitoring

Impact of Therapeutic Dose Monitoring of Mycophenolic Acid on the Outcome of Live-Donor Kidney Transplant Recipients - A Prospective Controlled Study

Feasibility and efficacy of a PK-guided busulfan conditioning regimen for Allogeneic SCT with PTCY as GVHD prophylaxis in adult patients with hematologic malignancies.

Dose Monitoring sentence examples within Time Dose Monitoring

A Radioluminescence Study of Dose Characteristics of LiF:Mg,Ti.

End-to-end test and MOSFET in vivo skin dosimetry for 192Ir high-dose-rate brachytherapy of chronic psoriasis

Dose Monitoring sentence examples within Personal Dose Monitoring

A study on the use of modified extremity dosemeters for the measurement of H(3,α)

Beliefs, Facilitating Factors, and Barriers in Using Personal Dosimeter among Medical Radiation Workers in a Middle-Income Asian Setting.

Dose Monitoring sentence examples within Electronic Dose Monitoring

Digital health technologies and adherence to tuberculosis treatment

An Environmental Scan of the National and Provincial Diagnostic Reference Levels in Canada for Common Adult Computed Tomography Scans

Dose Monitoring sentence examples within Len Dose Monitoring

Applicability of a Commercially Available Active Extremity Dose-Rate Meter to Eye Lens Dose Monitoring.


Dose Monitoring sentence examples within Individual Dose Monitoring

A wearable radiation measurement system for collection of patient-specific time-activity data in radiopharmaceutical therapy: system design and monte carlo simulation results.

[Analysis of personal dose monitoring results of occupational external exposure for radiation workers in some medical institutions in Tianjin from 2014 to 2018].

Dose Monitoring sentence examples within Vivo Dose Monitoring

Analysis of EPID Transmission Fluence Maps Using Machine Learning Models and CNN for Identifying Position Errors in the Treatment of GO Patients

Towards offline PET monitoring of proton therapy at MedAustron.

Dose Monitoring sentence examples within Patient Dose Monitoring

Deep learning-enabled EPID-based 3D dosimetry for dose verification of step-and-shoot radiotherapy.

Estimation of Patient Skin Dose in Fluoroscopy: Summary of a Joint Report by AAPM TG357 and EFOMP.

Dose Monitoring sentence examples within Accurate Dose Monitoring

Occupational Doses to Medical Staff Performing or Assisting with Fluoroscopically Guided Interventional Procedures.


Dose Monitoring sentence examples within dose monitoring system

The growing potential of diagnostic reference levels as a dynamic tool for dose optimization.

The Influence of Low-Dose Occupational Radiation Exposure on Peripheral Blood Cell in a Cohort Chinese Medical Radiation Workers.

Dose Monitoring sentence examples within dose monitoring datum

Effects of exposure to low-dose ionizing radiation on changing platelets: a prospective cohort study

Long-term variability in artificially and naturally fluoridated water supplies in England.

Dose Monitoring sentence examples within dose monitoring method

Preliminary assessment of genotoxic effects induced by radiation from EAST using Vicia faba micronucleus assay

A European survey on the regulatory status for the estimation of the effective dose and the equivalent dose to the lens of the eye when radiation protection garments are used.

Students’ and Qualified Radiographers’ Perspectives and Understanding on Occupational Dose Monitoring and Prevention Strategies

Effect of Panax ginseng on Carbamazepine Pharmacokinetics in Rabbits.

Nuclear medicine staff exposure to ionising radiation in 18F-FDG PET/CT practice: a preliminary retrospective study

Technical note: Managing occupational doses with smartphones in interventional radiology.

A Novel in Situ Electrochemical Strategy for Gatifloxacin Microdetermination in Urine Using Solid Contact and Disposal Screen-Printed Electrodes: a Comparative Study

Possible use of food grade Isomalt material as an EPR dosimeter

Sphingosine 1-Phosphate Receptor Modulators for Multiple Sclerosis

Automated size-specific dose estimates using deep learning image processing

Healthcare resource use and cost implications of low dose methoxyflurane for severe trauma-related pain: a qualitative study

Possible Using of Acid Sensitive Dyes Embedded in Poly(vinyl alcohol) in Determination the Irradiation Doses

High-Stability Flexible X-ray Detectors Based on Lead-Free Halide Perovskite Cs2TeI6 Films.

Longitudinal analysis of safety and medication adherence of patients in the Fingolimod patient support program: a real-world observational study

More Dose Monitoring 선량 모니터링 sentence examples

Analysis on application of nuclear technology and radiation workers’ occupational health management in non-medical institutions in Huai’an City

Quantum photonic devices using shaped semiconductor nanowires

The development of a treatment control system for a passive scattering proton therapy installation

Eye lens dosimetry with BeOSL H(3) dosemeters in interventional angiography and neuroradiology

Performance of 6 routine coagulation assays on the new Roche Cobas t711 analyzer

Development and validation of an HPLC‐UV method for simultaneous determination of sildenafil and tramadol in biological fluids: Application to drug‐drug interaction study

Obstetric venous thromboembolism: a systematic review of dalteparin and pregnancy

The Effect of Panax Ginseng on Carbamazepine Pharmacokinetics in Rabbits

Terminology describing the profession of Diagnostic Radiography

More Dose Monitoring 선량 모니터링 sentence examples

Study on informatization pattern of medical exposure frequency and dose monitoring

Surgeon eye lens dose monitoring in catheterization lab: A multi-center survey: Invited for ECMP 2018 Focus Issue.

Fluoropyrimidine-based chemotherapy for gastrointestinal cancer in patients with direct oral anticoagulants or warfarin

Tapered InP nanowire arrays for efficient broadband high-speed single-photon detection

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Dose Monitoring 선량 모니터링
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