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Dose escalation of external beam radiotherapy for high-risk prostate cancer—Impact of multiple high-risk factor

Effects of sprint interval exercise dose and sex on circulating irisin and redox status markers in adolescent swimmers

Efficiency of Chitosan/Hyaluronan-based mRNA Delivery Systems In Vitro: Influence of Composition and Structure.

Incorporating human and learned domain knowledge into training deep neural networks: A differentiable dose volume histogram and adversarial inspired framework for generating Pareto optimal dose distributions in radiation therapy

A Fast Deep Learning Approach for Beam Orientation Optimization for Prostate Cancer Treated with Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy.

Does norepinephrine infusion dose influence the femoral-to-radial mean arterial blood pressure gradient in patients with sepsis and septic shock?

A novel factor influencing perioperative midazolam administration: The effect of presentation dose on administration dose

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Dose Influence 선량 영향

Dose Influence 선량 영향
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