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Preliminary dosimetric analysis of DOTA-folate radiopharmaceutical radiolabelled with 47Sc produced through natV(p,x)47Sc cyclotron irradiation.


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Internal Radiation Dose Evaluation for an Unruptured Post Release Tristructural Istropic Fuel Particle for Advanced and Micro-reactor Applications: Erratum.

Modelling the effective dose to a population from fallout after a nuclear power plant accident—A scenario-based study with mitigating actions

Consideration of doses to some OARs depending on differently chosen CTV margins of lymph nodes in EBRT treatment of the stomach cancer

Equivalent dose in 2 Gy (EQD2) to pelvic lymph nodes using volume based prescription for three brachytherapy applicators — a dosimetric retrospective analysis

Activity Levels of 210Po, 210Pb and Other Radionuclides (134Cs, 137Cs, 90Sr, 110mAg, 238U, 226Ra and 40K) in Marine Organisms From Coastal Waters Adjacent to Fuqing and Ningde Nuclear Power Plants (China) and Radiation Dose Assessment

Gadolinium-doped polymeric as a shielding material for X-ray

The relationships between the total volumes of OARs and the doses they received in the case of EBRT treatment of the prostate cancer

Comparison of Sliding Window and Field-In-Field Techniques For Tangential Whole Breast Irradiation Using The Halcyon and Synergy Agility Systems

Thin cathode glass gas electron multiplier detector for carbon beam dose imaging

Study of the X-ray radiation interaction with a multislit collimator for the creation of microbeams in radiation therapy.

Comparison between PHITS and GEANT4 Simulations of the Heavy Ion Beams at the BEVALAC at LBNL and the Booster Accelerator at BNL.

Hypofractionated Brain Radiosurgery With Hundreds of Isocenters.

Optical fibre based real-time measurements during an LDR prostate brachytherapy implant simulation: using a 3D printed anthropomorphic phantom

How to Treat Double Synchronous Abdominal Metastases With Stereotactic MR-Guided Adaptive Radiation Therapy (SMART)?

There Is No Association of Radioactive Iodine Treatment with Cancer Mortality in Patients with Hyperthyroidism

Dosimetric study of the plan quality and dose to organs at risk on tangential breast treatments using the Halcyon linac

Fundamentals of resist stochastics effect for single-expose EUV patterning

Whole‐body dose equivalent including neutrons is similar for 6 MV and 15 MV IMRT, VMAT, and 3D conformal radiotherapy

Dose Calculation Accuracy of Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Systems in Out-of-Field Regions

Properties of the anisotropy of dose contributions: A planning study on prostate cases

Monitoring of ultra-trace uranium and thorium in six-grade particles.

3415 Percent Predicted Peak Exercise Oxygen Pulse Is a Marker of Cardiac Reserve Following Thoracic Radiotherapy


Evaluation of skin-dose contribution from a new high-definition image receptor mode during neuro-interventional procedures using the Dose Tracking System

Feasibility of clay-shielding material for low-energy photons (Gamma/X)

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Dose Contribution 복용량 기여

Dose Contribution 복용량 기여
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