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First-Principles Studies for Electronic Structure and Optical Properties of Strontium Doped β-Ga2O3

Lone-Pair Engineering: Achieving Ultralow Lattice Thermal Conductivity and Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance in Al-doped GeTe-based alloys

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Room-Temperature Exciton-Based Optoelectronic Switch.

Strong long-range electron-phonon interaction as possible driving force for charge ordering in cuprates.

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Doping Knowledge and correlates of potential doping behavior in kinesiology students

Toward Prevention of Doping in Youth Sport: Cross-Sectional Analysis of Correlates of Doping Tendency in Swimming

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Unveiling substitution preference of chromium ions in sulphoaluminate cement clinker phases

Phosphorus Substitution Preference in Ye’elimite: Experiments and Density Functional Theory Simulations

Porous Electroactive and Biodegradable Polyurethane Membrane through Self-Doping Organogel.

Defects, diffusion and dopants in the ceramic mineral “Lime- Feldspar”

Doping Prevalence in Competitive Sport: Evidence Synthesis with “Best Practice” Recommendations and Reporting Guidelines from the WADA Working Group on Doping Prevalence

An N-type Naphthalene Diimide Ionene Polymer as Cathode Interlayer for Organic Solar Cells

Doping-related broadening of the density of states governs integer-charge transfer in P3HT

Probing the exact form and doping preference of magnesium in ordinary Portland cement clinker phases: A study from experiments and DFT simulations

Adsorption and sensing performances of transition metal (Pd, Pt, Ag and Au) doped MoTe2 monolayer upon NO2: A DFT study

Rh-Doped ZnO Monolayer as a Potential Gas Sensor for Air Decomposed Species in a Ring Main Unit: A First-Principles Study

Atomic-scale chemical mapping of copper dopants in Bi2Te2.7Se0.3 thermoelectric alloy

Atomic-scale deciphering the defect-related structure and doping behavior of transition metal in SnO2 nanoparticles


Typical soft magnetic properties induced by La doped CoTi-SrM hexaferrites and advances in texture research

Adsorption behavior of Pd-doped SnS2 monolayer upon H2 and C2H2 for dissolved gas analysis in transformer oil

Effect of trace hydrofluoric acid in a LiPF6 electrolyte on the performance of a Li–organic battery with an N-heterocycle based conjugated microporous polymer as the cathode

Facial features and unethical behavior – Doped athletes show higher facial width-to-height ratios than non-doping sanctioned athletes

The distinctive phase stability and defect physics in CsPbI2Br perovskite

Doping behavior of Br in Li4Ti5O12 anode materials and their electrochemical performance for Li-ion batteries

Effects of urea amounts and nitrogenation reaction temperature on optical absorption performances of N-doped KTiNbO5

A Novel Research Approach Combined with Dielectric Spectrum Testing for Dual-doped Li7P3S11 Glass-Ceramic Electrolytes.

Thermochemical investigation of Zr doping in LiNi8/12Co2/12Mn2/12O2 based on phase equilibria simulation

Highly Stable Dual-Phase Membrane Based on Ce 0.9 Gd 0.1 O 2–δ —La 2 NiO 4+δ for Oxygen Permeation under Pure CO 2 Atmosphere

A Multitheoretical Framework for Assessing Performance-Enhancing Drug Use: Examining the Utility of Self-Control, Social Learning, and Control Balance Theories

An alternative approach to understanding doping behavior: A pilot study applying the Q-method to doping research

Preparation, properties, and photodoping behavior of GeS 2 -, Ga 2 S 3 -, and Sb 2 S 3 -based glasses with excess sulfur and CsCl

Alimentazione, integrazione, e farmaci per migliorare la prestazione sportiva: educare alla corretta assunzione e promuovere la salute nella scuola primaria

Stabilization of layered manganese oxide by substitutional cation doping

The 2012 and 2014 Olympic Doping Scandals: A Critical Analysis of the Effectiveness of Anti-Doping Mechanisms in Sports Law and the Necessity of Global Unity and Rehabilitation in Enforcing Anti-Doping Measures

Using Control Balance Theory to Examine Sports Doping Among Professional Athletes in Iran

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Doping Behavior 도핑 행위

Doping Behavior 도핑 행위
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