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The Effect of Reciprocity Priming on Organ Donor Registration Intentions and Behavior.

The politics of intent: Political ideology influences organ donation intentions

Small donations making a huge difference: Individual contributions can facilitate worldwide vaccination against COVID-19

Psychological antecedents of consumer trust in CRM campaigns and donation intentions: The moderating role of creativity

Effects of Grandiose and Vulnerable Narcissism on Donation Intentions: The Moderating Role of Donation Information Openness

Donors’ perceptions of financial disclosures and links to donation intentions

An Identity-Based Model Explaining Online Donor Appreciation

Exploring Donation and Purchase Intentions to Corporate Owned vs. Corporate Sponsored Foundations

Prosociality during COVID‐19: Globally focussed solidarity brings greater benefits than nationally focussed solidarity

Public responses to nonprofit social media messages: The roles of message features and cause involvement

Designing Social Media Fundraising Messages: An Experimental Approach to Understanding How Message Concreteness and Framing Influence Donation Intentions

How reward uncertainty influences subsequent donations: The role of mental accounting

Every penny counts: The effect of holistic-analytic thinking style on donation decisions in the times of Covid-19

Examining the Antecedents of User Donation Intentions Toward Social Media Articles: Moderation Effects of Social Contagion

Do Ethics Matter? Investigating Donor Responses to Primary and Tertiary Ethical Violations

Time or Money? The Influence of Warm and Competent Appeals on Donation Intentions

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Donation Intentions 기부의향

Donation Intentions 기부의향
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