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Dm Intake sentence examples within average daily gain

Effects of riboflavin supplementation on performance, nutrient digestion, rumen microbiota composition and activities of Holstein bulls

Using mixed silages of sweet sorghum and alfalfa in total mixed rations to improve growth performance, nutrient digestibility, carcass traits and meat quality of sheep.

Dm Intake sentence examples within feed conversion ratio

Formulating diets based on whole cassava tuber (Manihot esculenta) and gliricidia (Gliricidia sepium) increased feed intake, liveweight gain and income over feed cost of Ongole and Bali bulls fed low quality forage in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Performance, Linear Body Measurements and Carcass Characteristics of WAD Goats Fed Diets Supplemented with Slaughterhouse By-Products.

Dm Intake sentence examples within total chewing time

Processing Index of Barley Grain and Dietary Undigested Neutral Detergent Fiber Concentration Affected Chewing Behavior, Ruminal pH and Total Tract Nutrient Digestibility of Heifers Fed a High Grain Diet.

Processing index of barley grain and dietary undigested neutral detergent fiber concentration affected chewing behavior, ruminal pH, and total tract nutrient digestibility of heifers fed a high-grain diet.

Dm Intake sentence examples within g kg milk

Effect of dietary supplementation of Emblica officinalis fruit pomace on methane emission, ruminal fermentation, nutrient utilization, and milk production performance in buffaloes

Dm Intake sentence examples within Daily Dm Intake

Feed Intake, Nutrient Digestibility, Antioxidant Activity in Plasma, and Growth Performance of Male Dairy Cattle Fed Black Rice and Purple Corn Extracted Residue

Feeding value of shrimp waste meal for West African Dwarf sheep fed soybean stover basal diet

Dm Intake sentence examples within Total Dm Intake

Dry matter intake and milk production of grazing dairy cows supplemented with corn silage or a total mixed ration offered ad libitum in a subtropical area.

Fava beans can substitute soybean meal and rapeseed meal as protein source in diets for lactating dairy cows.

Dm Intake sentence examples within Kg Dm Intake

Basal ileal endogenous amino acid flow in broiler chickens as influenced by age

Combined effects of 3-nitrooxypropanol and canola oil supplementation on methane emissions, rumen fermentation and biohydrogenation, and total-tract digestibility in beef cattle.

Dm Intake sentence examples within Higher Dm Intake

Effect of sealing strategy on the feeding value of corn silage for growing dairy heifers.

Growth, Feed Intake And Conversion Ratio of Improved Goats Fed Brachiaria Grass And Napier Grass Mixed With or Without Leucaena Leaf Meal

Dm Intake sentence examples within Forage Dm Intake

Concentrate Supplementation Frequency Effects on Early-weaned Beef Calves Grazing Annual Ryegrass

Potential of grazing management to improve beef cattle production and mitigate methane emissions in native grasslands of the Pampa biome.

Dm Intake sentence examples within Reduced Dm Intake

Effects of Starch Level and a Mixture of Sunflower and Fish Oils on Nutrient Intake and Digestibility, Rumen Fermentation, and Ruminal Methane Emissions in Dairy Cows

Annatto seeds as Antioxidants Source with Linseed Oil for Dairy Cows

Dm Intake sentence examples within Decreased Dm Intake

Potassium carbonate as a supplement to improve milk fat concentration and yield in early-lactating dairy goats fed a high-starch, low-fiber diet.

Using glycerin with chitosan extracted from shrimp residue to enhance rumen fermentation and feed use in native Thai bulls

Dm Intake sentence examples within Pasture Dm Intake

Performance of lactating buffaloes in pasture supplemented with palm-kernel cake

Crude glycerin in the supplementation of crossbred heifers in tropical pastures.

Dm Intake sentence examples within Affect Dm Intake

Effect of chromium methionine supplementation on lactation performance, hepatic respiratory rate and anti-oxidative capacity in early-lactating dairy cows.

Effects of a xylanase-rich enzyme on intake, milk production, and digestibility of dairy cows fed a diet containing a high proportion of bermudagrass silage.

Dm Intake sentence examples within Increased Dm Intake

Digestion of bamboo compared to grass and lucerne in a small hindgut fermenting herbivore, the guinea pig (Cavia porcellus).

Effects of zinc sulfate and coated zinc sulfate on lactation performance, nutrient digestion and rumen fermentation in Holstein dairy cows

Dm Intake sentence examples within Mean Dm Intake


Feed Intake and Nutrient Utilization by Three Breeds of Cattle

Dm Intake sentence examples within dm intake increased

Are the effects of dietary lipid content in grazing beef cattle independent of the amount of concentrate supplement?

Feeding value of shrimp waste meal for West African Dwarf sheep fed soybean stover basal diet

Dm Intake sentence examples within dm intake per

Performance, Linear Body Measurements and Carcass Characteristics of WAD Goats Fed Diets Supplemented with Slaughterhouse By-Products.

Effects of wood kraft pulp feeding on feed digestibility and rumen fermentation of Japanese Black steer in the middle fattening stage.

Effect of Linseeds and Hemp Seeds on Milk Production, Energy and Nitrogen Balance, and Methane Emissions in the Dairy Goat

Biofortification of maize fodder with zinc improves forage productivity and nutritive value for livestock

Performance of West African dwarf goats fed Panicum maximum and concentrate diets supplemented with Lablab (Lablab purpureus), Leucaena (Leucaena leucocephala) and Gliricidia (Gliricidia sepium) foliage.

The timing of pasture allocation and grass silage supplementation affect pasture intake, milk production and nitrogen partitioning of dairy cows

Productive, economic, and environmental effects of sunflower (Helianthus annuus) silage for dairy cows in small-scale systems in central Mexico.

Optimum grape pomace proportion in feedlot cattle diets: Ruminal fermentation, total-tract nutrient digestibility, nitrogen utilization, and blood metabolites.

Buckwheat conservation as hay or silage: agronomic evaluation, nutritive value, conservation quality, and intake by lactating dairy goats.

More Dm Intake 디엠 섭취 sentence examples

Changes in hematological, biochemical, and blood gases parameters in response to progressive inclusion of nitrate in the diet of Holstein calves

Method of diet delivery to dairy cows: Effects on nutrient digestion, rumen fermentation, methane emissions from enteric fermentation and stored manure, nitrogen excretion, and milk production.

More Dm Intake 디엠 섭취 sentence examples

Phytol supplementation alters plasma concentrations of formate, amino acids, and lipid metabolites in sheep.

Prepartum level of dietary cation-anion difference fed to nulliparous cows: Lactation and reproductive responses.

More Dm Intake 디엠 섭취 sentence examples

Growth performance, nutrient digestibility, blood parameters, and carcass characteristics by lambs fed an oregano and cobalt blend.

Feeding olive cake silage up to 20% of DM intake in sheep improves lipid quality and health-related indices of milk and ovine halloumi cheese.

Predicting ruminally undegraded and microbial protein flows from the rumen.

Effects of dietary phosphorus concentration during the transition period on plasma calcium concentrations, feed intake, and milk production in dairy cows.

Diet supplementation with canola meal improves milk production, reduces enteric methane emissions, and shifts nitrogen excretion from urine to feces in dairy cows.

More Dm Intake 디엠 섭취 sentence examples

Evaluation of nitrogen excretion equations for ryegrass pasture-fed dairy cows.

More Dm Intake 디엠 섭취 sentence examples

Effect of a dietary inclusion of full-fat or defatted silkworm pupa meal on the nutrient digestibility and faecal microbiome of fattening quails.

Digestion and utilization of citrus by-products by two breeds of West African goats

More Dm Intake 디엠 섭취 sentence examples

Effects of feeding rumen-protected Capsicum oleoresin on growth performance, health status, and total tract digestibility of growing beef cattle

More Dm Intake 디엠 섭취 sentence examples

A data analysis on the effect of acetic acid on dry matter intake in dairy cattle

Performance of Nutrient Digestibility of weaned rabbits fed forages supplemented with concentrate

More Dm Intake 디엠 섭취 sentence examples

Evaluation of sorghum dried distillers’ grains plus solubles as a replacement of a portion of sorghum grain and soybean meal in growing diets for steers

More Dm Intake 디엠 섭취 sentence examples

Restricting dairy cow access time to pasture in autumn: The effects on milk production, grazing behaviour and DM intake of late lactation dairy cows.

The effects of rumen nitrogen balance on nutrient intake, nitrogen partitioning, and microbial protein synthesis in lactating dairy cows offered different dietary protein sources.

More Dm Intake 디엠 섭취 sentence examples

Energy value of babassu cake as substitute bulk in sheep diets


Replacing stearic acid with oleic acid in supplemental fat blends improves fatty acid digestibility of lactating dairy cows.

More Dm Intake 디엠 섭취 sentence examples

Effects of feeding corn bran and soybean hulls on nutrient digestibility, rumen microbial protein synthesis, and growth performance of finishing lambs.

More Dm Intake 디엠 섭취 sentence examples

Thiamine modulates intestinal morphological structure and microbiota under subacute ruminal acidosis induced by a high-concentrate diet in Saanen goats.

Inclusion of Wheat Dried Distillers’ Grains with Solubles from Bioethanol Plants in Diets for Dairy Cows



More Dm Intake 디엠 섭취 sentence examples

Basal diets with different starch contents do not modify the metabolism of ricinoleic acid in dairy goats

Whole-farm modelling of grazing dairy systems in Uruguay

Effects of varying proportions of corn grain to barley grain in corn silage-based diet on feed sorting behaviour and productivity of dairy cows

Influence of Supplementing Sesbania grandiflora Pod Meal at Two Dietary Crude Protein Levels on Feed Intake, Fermentation Characteristics, and Methane Mitigation in Thai Purebred Beef Cattle

Rapid and Non-Destructive Monitoring of Moisture Content in Livestock Feed Using a Global Hyperspectral Model

More Dm Intake 디엠 섭취 sentence examples

Effect of effective microorganisms (EM) treated taro (Colocasia esculenta) root on the growth performance of broiler chickens.

More Dm Intake 디엠 섭취 sentence examples

Effects of 3-nitrooxypropanol and varying concentrate feed proportions in the ration on methane emission, rumen fermentation and performance of periparturient dairy cows

Effect of Chitosan and Naringin on Enteric Methane Emissions in Crossbred Heifers Fed Tropical Grass

More Dm Intake 디엠 섭취 sentence examples

A meta-analysis and meta-regression of the effect of substitution of steam flaked corn instead of finely ground corn on dry matter intake, nutrients digestibility, lactation performance, and rumen fermentation in dairy cows

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