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Distortion Effect sentence examples within high entropy effect

Preface to the special issue on high entropy materials and tungsten-based nuclear materials

Parametric investigation of laser assisted cladding process: A review

Distortion Effect sentence examples within Nonlinear Distortion Effect

Optimum Performance of Nonlinear MIMO-SVD Schemes

A Novel Highly-Efficient Amplification Scheme for Wireless Communications in a CathLab Environment

Distortion Effect sentence examples within Lattice Distortion Effect

Effects of W Alloying on the Lattice Distortion and Wear Behavior of Laser Cladding AlCoCrFeNiWx High-Entropy Alloy Coatings

Parametric investigation of laser assisted cladding process: A review

Distortion Effect sentence examples within Teller Distortion Effect

Experimental and theoretical studies on induced ferromagnetism of new (1 − x)Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3 + xBaFeO3−δ solid solution

Identifying the effect of fluorination on cation and anion redox activity in Mn based cation-disordered cathode.

Distortion Effect sentence examples within Harmonic Distortion Effect

Implementing a demand side management strategy for harmonics mitigation in a smart home using real measurements of household appliances

Differences in the impact of harmonic distortion due to the installation of electronic load controller in self-excited induction generator and synchronous generator

Distortion Effect sentence examples within Structural Distortion Effect

Anisotropic ferroelectric distortion effects on the RKKY interaction in topological crystalline insulators

Coupled spin–orbital fluctuations in a three orbital model for 4d and 5d oxides with electron fillings n = 3, 4, 5—application to NaOsO3, Ca2RuO4 and Sr2IrO4

Comparison of (5 + 2) Cycloadditions Involving Oxidopyrylium and Oxidopyridinium Ions: Relative Reactivities.

Electrostatic Distortion of Melt‐Electrowritten Patterns by 3D Objects: Quantification, Modeling, and Toolpath Correction

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Analysis of the voltage drop across the excitation coil for magnetic characterization of skin passed steel samples

Meeting the real-time challenges of ground-based telescopes using low-rank matrix computations

Pixel-Level Fatigue Crack Segmentation in Large-Scale Images of Steel Structures Using an Encoder–Decoder Network

A Hierarchical Visual Feature-Based Approach For Image Sonification

Development of an 80-word clinical version of the modified rhyme test (MRT80).

Effect of Particles on Discharge Characteristics of SF6/N2 Mixed Gas under Power Frequency Voltage

Synchronized resistance of inhomogeneous magnetically induced dephasing of an image stored in a cold atomic ensemble

Digital predistortion technique based on improved LMS algorithm

Defect Imaging Enhancement through Optimized Shape Factors of the RAPID Algorithm Based on Guided Wave Beam Pattern Analysis

Improving the wheel odometry calibration of self-driving vehicles via detection of faulty segments

Confined variational calculation of positronium-hydrogen scattering below the positronium excitation threshold

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Distortion Effect 왜곡 효과

Distortion Effect 왜곡 효과
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