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Low-Temperature Local Dissipative Processes in Polyvinyl Alcohol

Local Dissipative Relaxation Processes in a Latex Polymer at Negative Temperatures

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The coupling between inertial and rotational eigenmodes in planets with liquid cores

Resonant Excitation of Oscillator with Randomly Shifted Levels

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Dynamics in dissipative systems. And, their Maximum Caliber trajectories in a solvable model

Minimal constraints for maximum caliber analysis of dissipative steady-state systems.

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Relaxation Spectroscopy of Polyethylenes of Different Molecular Weight

Chemically Fueled Dissipative Self-Assembly that Exploits Cooperative Catalysis.

Dissipative Processes in Irradiated Latex Polymers

Idealised simulations of the deep atmosphere of hot jupiters: Deep, hot, adiabats as a robust solution to the radius inflation problem.

Thermodynamic costs of dynamic function in active soft matter

Signatures of slip in dewetting polymer films

Conservation laws in discrete geometry

Barotropic growth of monsoon depressions

Extremely Low Frequency (0.1 to 1.0 mHz) Surf Zone Currents

Local Dissipative Processes in Chitosan–Poly(vinyl alcohol) Composite System

Subnanosecond Fluctuations in Low-Barrier Nanomagnets.

The polarization process of ferroelectric materials analyzed in the framework of variational inequalities

Influence of humidity and frequency on the energy dissipation in wood adhesives

Controlling Quantum Transport via Dissipation Engineering.

Effect of combination of pectin substances on viscosity of their aqueous solutions

Thermodynamics of Fatigue: Degradation-Entropy Generation Methodology for System and Process Characterization and Failure Analysis

Thermodynamic efficiency in dissipative chemistry

Non-adiabatic molecular dynamics of molecules in the presence of strong light-matter interactions.

A three dimensional constitutive model for plain cement concrete

Global Electric Circuit: Solar Wind, Magnetosphere, Ionosphere, Atmosphere

Repetition Cat Qubits for Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computation

Evolution of Fault-Interface Rayleigh Wave speed over simulated earthquake cycles in the lab: Observations, interpretations, and implications

Wave energy attenuation in fields of colliding ice floes – Part 2: A laboratory case study

Predicting continuous and discontinuous phase decompositions using steepest-entropy-ascent quantum thermodynamics.

Memories of initial states and density imbalance in dynamics of interacting disordered systems.

Модуляционная неустойчивость в двухкомпонентном бозе-эйнштейновском конденсате с диссипацией

Manipulating Quantum Many-Body Systems in the Presence of Controllable Dissipation

Wave energy attenuation in fields of colliding ice floes – Part 2: A laboratory case study

Harnessing fluctuations to discover dissipative evolution equations

Wave energy attenuation in fields of colliding ice floes – Part 1: Discrete-element modelling of dissipation due to ice–water drag

Математична модель для дослідження нестаціонарних течій нестисливої рідини у трубах

Fatty acid based transient nanostructures for temporal regulation of artificial peroxidase activity† †Electronic supplementary information (ESI) available. See DOI: 10.1039/c9sc02648g

Light Emission and Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics in III-V Semiconductors from First Principles

Effect of responsive graft length on mechanical toughening and transparency in microphase-separated hydrogels.


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Dissipative Process 소산 과정

Dissipative Process 소산 과정
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