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The Influence of Starch Origin on the Properties of Starch Films: Packaging Performance

Surface Modification of Polypropylene by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma

New Methods for the Determination of the Surface Physicochemical Properties and Glass Transition of Polyaniline in Conducting and Non-Conducting Forms by Using Igc Technique at Infinite Dilution

Realizing normal group-velocity dispersion in free space via angular dispersion

Tropospheric dispersive phase anomalies during heavy rain detected by L-band InSAR and their interpretation

Correction of some thermodynamic surface properties of Sodium Alginate determined by Inverse Gas Chromatography

Modulation of solid surface with desirable under-liquid wettability based on molecular hydrophilic–lipophilic balance†

New Methodology to Study the Dispersive Component of the Surface Energy and Acid-Base Properties of Silica Particles by Inverse Gas Chromatography at Infinite Dilution.

A simple data post-processing method for axial peaks free 2D PSYCHEDELIC NMR spectra.

Production of nanocellulose gels and films from invasive tree species.

Influence of Gamma Irradiation on the Surface Energy Characteristics and Wetting of Polytetrafluoroethylene

Silanization of siliceous materials, part 3: Modification of surface energy and acid-base properties of silica nanoparticles determined by inverse gas chromatography (IGC)

Concerning the Role of σ-Hole in Non-Covalent Interactions: Insights from the Study of the Complexes of ArBeO with Simple Ligands

Azide···Oxygen Interaction: A Crystal Engineering Tool for Conformational Locking.

Tropospheric Dispersive Phase Anomalies during Heavy Rain Detected by L-band InSAR and Their Interpretation

Surface properties of cork: Is cork a hydrophobic material?

Nanostructured and oriented metal–organic framework films enabling extreme surface wetting properties

Correlation between microstructure of CAD/CAM composites and the silanization effect on adhesive bonding.

Impact of Perfluoro and Alkylphosphonic Self-Assembled Monolayers on Tribological and Antimicrobial Properties of Ti-DLC Coatings

Relevance of Interactions between Starch-based Coatings and Plum Fruit Surfaces: A Physical-Chemical Analysis

Adsorption properties of the fumed individual and mixed Si, Ti and Al oxides as proxies for the Antarctic atmospheric mineral aerosols

Hydrophobicity of Highly Ordered Nanorod Polycrystalline Nickel and Silver Surfaces

Correlated random bit generation based on common-signal-induced synchronization of wideband complex physical entropy sources.

Synthesis, characterization, and possible application as sorbents of new low-cost aluminosilicate materials with different Si/Al ratios

Wideband Time Delay Signature-Suppressed Chaos Generation Using Self-Phase-Modulated Feedback Semiconductor Laser Cascaded With Dispersive Component

Physicochemical surface properties of bacterial cellulose/polymethacrylate nanocomposites: an approach by inverse gas chromatography.

Spectrometers based on acousto-optic tunable filters for in-situ lunar surface measurement

Nano-magnetite decorated carbon fibre for enhanced interfacial shear strength

Surface Properties of Magnesium-Aluminium Hydrotalcite-Like Compound Characterized by Inverse Gas Chromatography

Study on the atmospheric cold plasma (ACP) treatment of zein film: surface properties and cytocompatibility.

Development of Multi-Layered Cellulosic Nanostructure to be Used in Chemical Protective Clothing for Agricultural Applications

A computational imaging approach for resolution enhancement in fiber bundle endomicroscopy

Interface-inspired formulation and molecular-level perspectives on heat conduction and energy storage of nanofluids

Computational study on surface energy of amorphous DLC with respect to hybridization state of carbon and potential functions

Wettability of edible coatings on Nile tilapia fillets (Oreochromis niloticus)

Functionalization of porous siliceous materials, Part 2: Surface characterization by inverse gas chromatography.

The derivative nonlinear Schrödinger equation: Global well-posedness and soliton resolution

Surface characterization of 1-butyl-1-ethylpiperidinium bromide by inverse gas chromatography

Surface Energy and Tribology of Electrodeposited Ni and Ni–Graphene Coatings on Steel

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Dispersive Component 분산 구성 요소
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