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Attitude of Students Towards Academic Dishonesty in UMT

How is the ethical dissonance index affected by technology, academic dishonesty type and individual differences?

Academic dishonesty in stricto sensu postgraduate programs in accounting

Further from the truth: The impact of moving from in-person to online settings on dishonest behavior

“There are Always Ways to Cheat” Academic Dishonesty Strategies During Online Learning

Discrimination as an Instrument of Corruption Schemes in Public Procurement

Understanding the resource curse: A large-scale experiment on corruption in Tanzania

Resume fraud and counterproductive behavior: The impact of narcissism in the labor market

Corruption and the Development of Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Vietnam

Good Distiller, Bad Distiller: Dishonesty and Honesty in Markets and Politics in Early American Whiskey

A trust management model based on mutual trust and a reward‐with‐punishment mechanism for cloud environments

WSDM 2021 Tutorial on Systematic Challenges and Computational Solutions on Bias and Unfairness in Peer Review

Empirical Analysis of Opportunism Based on Data on University Students of Different Courses

Neural mechanisms of deliberate dishonesty: Dissociating deliberation from other control processes during dishonest behaviors

Following the crowd: The effects of descriptive norms and self-esteem on dishonest behavior

Distributed secret sharing scheme based on the high-dimensional rotation paraboloid

Self-Reported Academic Misconduct among Medical Students: Perception and Prevalence

The Social Honesty game - A computational analysis of the impact of conformity and identity on honest behavior contagion in complex social systems

Privacy Preserving Data Transmission in Malicious Vehicular Adhoc Networks

Motivated Interpretations of Deceptive Information

Field experiments on dishonesty and stealing: what have we learned in the last 40 years?

Politicization of Sports Through Media: Syncretism of Social Institutions

Academic Dishonesty and Academic Adjustment Among the Students at University Level: An Exploratory Study

Do Happy People Cheat Less? A Field Experiment on Dishonesty

Retail vs. мarketplace

Control in a preliminary contract: the problem of fixing and implementing the right

A Novel Pricing Algorithm Based on Reward-Punishment Mechanism for Supply and Demand Balancing


Location Privacy in Usage-Based Automotive Insurance: Attacks and Countermeasures

Students Attitude and Perceptions towards Academic Dishonesty

Faculty Perception of Engineering Student Cheating and Effective Measures to Curb It

Green consumption does not make people cheat: Three attempts to replicate moral licensing effect due to pro-environmental behavior

A Novel Rule Based Technique to Detect Electricity Theft in India

Dishonest behavior dynamics in the presence of influential agents

“But everybody’s doing it!”: a model of peer effects on student cheating

Scalable and Privacy-Preserving Design of On/Off-Chain Smart Contracts

Unwilling but not unable to control: Ego depletion increases effortful dishonesty with material rewards.

Inhibitors Mechanisms of Group and Individuals Dishonesty

Relationship Between Burnout, Professional Behaviors, and Cost-Conscious Attitudes Among US Physicians

Exploring the Link between Academic Dishonesty and Economic Delinquency: A Partial Least Squares Path Modeling Approach

A Distinctive Perceptions of the Disputants in theNegotiation of Labor Dispute Resolution

Choice as justification for dishonesty

An approach for developing a highly trustworthy crowd-sourced workforce

Shades of narcissistic dishonesty: Grandiose versus vulnerable narcissism and the role of self-conscious emotions

La Autosuficiencia Inducida Mediante la Manipulación de Dinero Disminuye la Intención y el Comportamiento Deshonesto

Being dishonest about our prejudices: moral dissonance and self-justification

Perilaku menyontek: Persepsi terhadap iklim sekolah dengan ketidakjujuran akademik

The attenuating effect of mortality salience on dishonest behavior

Implementation of a Blockchain-Based Event Reselling System

A Traceable Blockchain-Based Access Authentication System With Privacy Preservation in VANETs

Cheating with robots: how at ease do they make us feel?

Perceptions of Dishonesty: Understanding Parents’ Reports of and Influence on Children and Adolescents’ Lie-Telling

A Detection Model for E-Learning Behavior Problems of Student Based on Text-Mining

Personality Traits and Attitude toward Corruption among Government Workers

Is dishonesty persistent

The Role of Personal Values and Student Achievement in Academic Dishonesty

Optimism, pessimism, mood swings and dishonest behavior

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Dishonest Behavior 부정직한 행동

Dishonest Behavior 부정직한 행동
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