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A dual-response fluorescent probe for detection and bioimaging of hydrazine and cyanide with different fluorescence signals.

Sulfur spillover driven by charge transfer between AuPd alloys and SnO2 allows high selectivity for dimethyl disulfide gas sensing

Recent advances in luminescent metal–organic frameworks (LMOFs) based fluorescent sensors for antibiotics

Folic acid induced disassembly of self-assembled fluorene-naphthalene based receptor and contemporaneous detection of folic acid in aqueous medium

Single-Step Printable Hydrogel Microarray Integrating Long-Chain DNA for the Discriminative and Size-Specific Sensing of Nucleic Acids.

A Water-Stable Tb-MOF As a Rapid, Accurate, and Highly Sensitive Ratiometric Luminescent Sensor for the Discriminative Sensing of Antibiotics and D2O in H2O.

A quinoline-based ratiometric fluorescent probe for discriminative detection of Zn2+ and Cd2+ with different binding modes, and its Zn2+ complex for relay sensing of pyrophosphate and adenosine triphosphate

Potential of Discriminative Sensing of Strain and Temperature Using Perfluorinated Polymer FBG

Discriminative Determination Based on Long-Period Gratings Inscribed in Few-Mode Fibers

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Discriminative Sensing 판별 센싱

Discriminative Sensing 판별 센싱
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