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FSSD - A Fast and Efficient Algorithm for Subgroup Set Discovery

Toward Robust Interpretable Human Movement Pattern Analysis in a Workplace Setting

Redefining the Bladder Cancer Phenotype using Patterns of Familial Risk

Machine Learning Techniques for Detecting Identifying Linguistic Patterns in News Media

The Quest for Interpretable and Responsible Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to Geoscience Data Analytics Using Machine Learning

Efficiently mining cohesion-based patterns and rules in event sequences

QRFA: A Data-Driven Model of Information-Seeking Dialogues

A Graph-Theoretical Approach for Comparison Between the Pair of Allied Ragas Bhupali and Deshkar of North Indian Classical Music

Generalized entropy plane based on permutation entropy and distribution entropy analysis for complex time series

Exploring Multidimensional Spatiotemporal Point Patterns Based on an Improved Affinity Propagation Algorithm

Weekly Seasonal Player Population Patterns in Online Games: A Time Series Clustering Approach

A Comparison of Tools for Teaching and Learning Data Analytics

A Survey of High Utility Itemset Mining

Finding Strongly Correlated Trends in Dynamic Attributed Graphs

A Survey on Data Mining Techniques in Research Paper Recommender Systems

Gathering researchers’ requirements to develop a learning technologies dashboard

Neighborhood Rough-Sets-Based Spatial Data Analytics

WiFiMap+: High-Level Indoor Semantic Inference With WiFi Human Activity and Environment

Melissa: Bayesian clustering and imputation of single-cell methylomes

Data Analytics for Health-Care Risk Predictions based on Ensemble Classifiers and Subjective Projection: PLENARY TALK

The Application of Unsupervised Clustering Methods to Alzheimer’s Disease

Mining significant trend sequences in dynamic attributed graphs

A Survey of Privacy Preserving Utility Mining

What Is Machine Learning

Towards Bridging the Gap Between Model- and Data- Driven Tool Suites for Cyber-Physical Systems

Advancing the Rehabilitative and Therapeutic Potential of BCI and Noninvasive Sensing Systems

An Efficient Algorithm for Mining Frequent Closed Inter- Transaction Patterns

Big Data for Prediction: Patent Analysis – Patenting Big Data for Prediction Analysis

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Discovering Patterns 패턴 발견하기

Discovering Patterns 패턴 발견하기
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