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DL-SCALE: a novel deep learning-based model order upscaling scheme for solving topology optimization problems

New Approaches in Medical Therapies

Item Relationship Graph Neural Networks for E-Commerce.

Food discovery is associated with different reliance on social learning and lower cognitive flexibility across environments in a food-caching bird

The Disjoint Multipath Challenge: Multiple Disjoint Paths Guaranteeing Scalability

The Impact of Deep Learning on the Semantic Machine Learning Representation

On-the-fly simplification of genetic programming models

The Scripps Molecular Screening Center and Translational Research Institute

Strict Judgement of Successful Transfer of Multiple Data and ACK Frames in Interfering Wireless LAN Environments

Factor Graph Model Based User Profile Matching Across Social Networks

Attentive Region Embedding Network for Zero-Shot Learning

Jointly Extracting Multiple Triplets with Multilayer Translation Constraints

AutoSense Model for Word Sense Induction

Blending notions of diversity for MAP-elites

Domain Adaptation for Structured Output via Discriminative Patch Representations

Detecting Black hole attack by selecting appropriate routes for authentic message passing using SHA-3 and Diffie-Hellman algorithm in AODV and AOMDV routing protocols in MANET

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Discovering Multiple 다중 발견

Discovering Multiple 다중 발견
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