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Disability Care sentence examples within Intellectual Disability Care

The group home as moral laboratory: tracing the ethic of autonomy in Dutch intellectual disability care

Substance use disorders in people with intellectual disability.

Disability Care sentence examples within disability care sector

Balancing stability and change: Lessons on policy responsiveness and turbulence in the disability care sector.

Potential, challenges and pitfalls of pay-for-performance schemes: a narrative review evaluating the merits for the Australian home care sector.

Disability Care sentence examples within disability care service

Physical Activity and Accomplishment of Recommendations in University Students with Disabilities: A Longitudinal Study

Predicting physical activity in university students with disabilities: The role of social ecological barriers in the theory of planned behaviour.

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COVID-19 hotspots through clusters analysis in France (may–October 2020): where should we track the virus to mitigate the spread?

Validation of an instrument to assess informal caregivers’ perceptions about the delivery of patient-centred care to people with intellectual disabilities in residential settings

Smartphones as actors: A new digital disability care actor-network in China

Pandemic and disability: Challenges faced and role of technology

Rural disability workforce perspective on effective inter-disciplinary training-A qualitative pilot study.

What Is the NDIS?

COVID-19 Lockdown and its Impact on Social–Ethics and Psycho-Social Support for Disability Care

Do Persons with Disability Need Healing?

How to foster successful implementation of a patient reported experience measurement in the disability sector: an example of developing strategies in co-creation

Health and support service needs of individuals with disability from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds: a scoping review protocol

Sex Robots in Care: Setting the Stage for a Discussion on the Potential Use of Sexual Robot Technologies for Persons with Disabilities

An investigation of clothing related barriers faced by women with disabilities

Determinants of the quality of care relationships in long-term care - a participatory study

Caring hours and possible need for employment support among primary carers for adults with mental illness: Results from an Australian household survey.

Oral Health Professional Alert on Special Care Dentistry

Protocol: Value Stream Maping in Healthcare. A systematic literature review

From institutionalisation to citizenship: lessones learned from studying diaconal practice in a norwegian context

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Disability Care 장애 치료

Disability Care 장애 치료
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