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Intensification of noise tolerance against Rayleigh backscattering for bidirectional 10 Gbps WDM-FSO network by employing dual band of OFDM signal

Bi-Directional OFDM Truncated PS-4096QAM Signals Transmission in a Full-Duplex MMW-RoF System at E-Band

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Multichannel Wireless Signal and Power Transmission by Radio over Fiber

Enhancing Energy Efficiency for Cellular-Assisted Vehicular Networks by Online Learning-Based mmWave Beam Selection

A Unified 3D Beam Training and Tracking Procedure for Terahertz Communication

Unidirectional emission and detection of Lamb waves based on a powerful and compact coils-only EMAT

Dual-Radio-Assisted (DRA) MAC Protocols for Distributed Terahertz Networks

Bidirectional single-fiber filterless optical networks: modeling and experimental assessment

Adversarial Attacks on Deep Learning Based mmWave Beam Prediction in 5G And Beyond

Reconfigurable and Intelligent Ultrawideband Angular Sensing: Prototype Design and Validation

Human Colonization with Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase-Producing E. coli in Relation to Animal and Environmental Exposures in Bangladesh: An Observational One Health Study

Research on the Control Strategy of AC/DC Interlinking Converters in Islanded Hybrid Microgrid

Depression tendency detection model for Weibo users based on Bi-LSTM

A Topological Photonic Ring-Resonator for On-Chip Channel Filters

Hybrid Coding and Filtering Technique for Optical IM-DD Link With Robustness to Multipath Interference and Bandwidth Limitation

Large scale infrastructure for precise time and frequency bidirectional transmission

Study on one-way transmission of acoustic wave based on metasurface

Collimation Effect in Strongly Modulated Anisotropic Photonic Crystals with Near-Zero Refractive Indices

Horizontal transmission of Piscirickettsia salmonis from the wild sub-Antarctic notothenioid fish Eleginops maclovinus to rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) under experimental conditions.

A Novel Bidirectional Multiband OFDM based RoF Architecture for Simultaneous Transmission of Downlink and Uplink Signals over a Single Fiber with Mitigation of Nonlinear Effects

Conjugated topological interface-states in coupled ring resonators

Design of broadband all-dielectric valley photonic crystals at telecommunication wavelength

Single-Layer ZnO Hollow Hemispheres Enable High-Performance Self-Powered Perovskite Photodetector for Optical Communication

High-capacity bi-directional full-duplex transmission based on fiber-eigenmode multiplexing over a FMF with 2×2 MIMO.

Construction of Golay Complementary Matrices and Its Applications to MIMO Omnidirectional Transmission

Thin-film lithium niobate ridge-waveguide grating couplers integrated with anti-reflection slots interface

Exploiting Impacts of Antenna Selection and Energy Harvesting for Massive Network Connectivity

Topology design of digital metamaterials for ultra-compact integrated photonic devices based on mode manipulation

Asymmetrically Wettability Janus Cotton Fabrics Fabricated via Interfacial Ion Migration for Surfactant-stabilized Oil-in-water Emulsions

Hybrid Beamforming Design for Wideband MmWave Full-Duplex Systems

Blimp-Borne Laser Communication Technology Based on Space Dynamic Base Station

Evolution and Antigenic Advancement of N2 Neuraminidase of Swine Influenza A Viruses Circulating in the United States following Two Separate Introductions from Human Seasonal Viruses

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