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Pro-$p$ groups of positive rank gradient and Hausdorff dimension.

On invertible elements in reduced $C^*$-algebras of acylindrically hyperbolic groups.

Twisted conjugacy in direct products of groups

Incidence Coloring of Product Graphs of Paths

Minkowski spacetime and non-Ricci-flat compactification in heterotic supergravity

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On maximal subformations of n-multiple Ω-foliated formations of finite groups

The first Cohomology Group of Semidirect Products of Banach Algebras

Quartz chemistry of granitic pegmatites: Implications for classification, genesis and exploration

On BCH split metacyclic codes

Free idempotent generated semigroups: The word problem and structure via gain graphs

A note on finite group 1-cohomology via semi-direct products with applications to permutation modules

Congruences on the partial automorphism monoid of a free group action

Laws of the lattice of all $${\mathfrak {X}}$$ X -local formations of finite groups

On bornological semi-abelian algebras

Quasi-decompositions and quasidirect products of Hilbert algebras

Low scaling excited state calculation using block interaction product state

Minimizing embodied energy of reinforced concrete floor systems in developing countries through shape optimization

Algebras from congruences

Is a Miracle-less WIMP Ruled out?

Isoperimetric inequalities, shapes of Følner sets and groups with Shalom’s property H FD

Two kinds of constructions of directed strongly regular graphs

Subdirect products of an idempotent semiring and a b-lattice of skew-rings

First Betti Numbers of the Orbits of Morse Functions on Surfaces

Identities and bases in the hypoplactic monoid

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Geometry of curved Yang-Mills-Higgs gauge theories

Conceptualizing the elements of research impact: towards semantic standards

Sixty Years of Element Abundance Measurements in Solar Energetic Particles

An approach to Quillen’s conjecture via centralisers of simple groups

Preenveloping classes of acts

Circularly ordering direct products and the obstruction to left-orderability

Association between serum elastin-derived peptides and abdominal aortic calcification in peritoneal dialysis patients: a cross-sectional study

Achieving High Reliability in Data Acquisition

On the mortality problem: From multiplicative matrix equations to linear recurrence sequences and beyond

Double covering of the modular A5 group and lepton flavor mixing in the minimal seesaw model

Combination of Urine Exosomal mRNAs and lncRNAs as Novel Diagnostic Biomarkers for Bladder Cancer

Strongly Gorenstein categories

Solving a fixed number of equations over finite groups

Canonization for Bounded and Dihedral Color Classes in Choiceless Polynomial Time

On separability properties in direct products of semigroups

Finitely generated subgroups of branch groups and subdirect products of just infinite groups

(Non)exotic Completions of the Group Algebras of Isotropy Groups

Phenomenon of cell breakdown and phenotypic observation on surviving blades in inter-species hybridization progeny between pigment mutants of Pyropia haitanensis and P. acanthophora (Bangiales, Rhodophyta)

Recurrence of direct products of diffusion processes in random media having zero potentials

Structure of Strict Abundant Semigroups

Coherency and constructions for monoids

A Model-Theoretic Analysis of Fidel-Structures for mbC

Generalized representations of 3-Hom-Lie algebras

A Contribution to Neutrosophic Groups

On LPI rings

Truth-Preservation under Fuzzy pp-Formulas

Efficient closed domination in digraph products

Construction of Finite Braces

Quasisymmetric and Schur expansions of cycle index polynomials

On the Mortality Problem: From Multiplicative Matrix Equations to Linear Recurrence Sequences and Beyond

Kähler manifolds of quasi-constant holomorphic sectional curvature and generalized Sasakian space forms

Dynamical supersymmetry for strange quark and $ud$ antidiquark in hadron mass spectrum

Two definable subcategories of maximal Cohen-Macaulay modules

The Maxwell group in 2+1 dimensions and its infinite-dimensional enhancements

Multiscale thermodynamics of charged mixtures

The geometry of graded cotangent bundles

Modular invariants of finite gluing groups

Nuclearity of semigroup C*-algebras

Weak commutativity for pro-$p$ groups

Gorenstein flat precovers and Gorenstein injective preenvelopes in Grothendieck categories


Permutability of subgroups of semidirect product of p-groups

Exact Distance Graphs of Product Graphs

Radioactivity of waste materials coming from the largest power plants in Poland

The K-theory ranks for crossed products of C∗-algebras bythe group of integers

Rank-one basis made from matrix-product states for a low-rank approximation of molecular aggregates.

Hardness Amplification of Optimization Problems

On the isomorphism problem for C∗-algebras of nilpotent Lie groups

Asymmetric colorings of products of graphs and digraphs

Context-free word problem semigroups


Restricted cascade and wreath products of fuzzy finite switchboard state machines

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Investigation into reactions of methyl methacrylate and ethyl acrylate with chlorine atom.

Crossed products of nuclear C⁎-algebras and their traces

Degrees of compression and inertia for free-abelian times free groups


On 3-Colorings of Direct Products of Graphs

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Direct Products 직접 제품

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