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Dinuclear and mononuclear oxorhenium(V) complexes chelated with the S,O bidentate thiourea ligand: Synthesis, crystal structure and catalytic activity

Recent progress on exploring µ-oxo bridged binuclear porphyrinoid complexes in catalysis and material science

The Low-Molecular-Weight Ligands of the Gonadotropin Receptors as the New Generation of the Regulators of the Reproductive Functions and Steroidogenesis

FLOWERING HTH1 is involved in CONSTANS-mediated flowering regulation in Arabidopsis


Structural and photophysical properties of Tb3+-tetra-1,3-diketonate complexes controlled by calix[4]arene-tetrathiacalix[4]arene scaffolds.

Dinuclear organogermanium chalcogenide complexes as intermediates towards functionalized clusters.

Synthesis and characterization of 2-t-butylimino-functionalized indolyl rare-earth metal amido complexes for the catalytic addition of terminal alkynes to carbodiimides: the dimeric complexes with the alkynide species in the μ-η1:η2 bonding modes.

Dimers of mitochondrial ATP synthase induce membrane curvature and self-assemble into rows

Cell-autonomous and redundant roles of Hey1 and HeyL in muscle stem cells: HeyL requires Hes1 to bind diverse DNA sites

Kinase activity of mutant LRRK2 manifests differently in hetero-dimeric vs. homo-dimeric complexes.

Reconstitution, characterization, and [2Fe–2S] cluster exchange reactivity of a holo human BOLA3 homodimer

C-H and C-M activation, aromaticity tuning, and Co···Ru interactions confined in the azuliporphyrin framework.

Dinuclear lanthanide complexes supported by a hybrid salicylaldiminato/calix[4]arene-ligand: synthesis, structure, and magnetic and luminescence properties of (HNEt3)[Ln2(HL)(L)] (Ln = SmIII, EuIII, GdIII, TbIII).

The Cfd1 Subunit of the Nbp35-Cfd1 Iron Sulfur Cluster Scaffolding Complex Controls Nucleotide Binding.

Is There a Role for Glutaredoxins and BOLAs in the Perception of the Cellular Iron Status in Plants?

Mechanisms used by DNA MMR system to cope with Cadmium-induced DNA damage in plants.

Homodimerization of Drosophila Class A neuropeptide GPCRs: Evidence for conservation of GPCR dimerization throughout metazoan evolution.

Abstract 2362: NF-κB (p65) mediates interleukin-1 (IL-1) repression of androgen receptor (AR) in AR+prostate cancer (PCa) cell lines

Conjugates of thermally stable phthalocyanine J-type dimers with single-walled carbon nanotubes for enhanced optical limiting applications

Triplet–Triplet Energy Transfer as a Reason for Quenching by Thionine of the Triplet State of Eosin in Complexes with Cucurbit[7, 8]urils in Water

Theoretical studies of capsular complexes of C2V-symmetrical resorcin[4]arene tetraesters with tetramethylammonium cation

(Benz)Imidazolin-2-iminato Aluminum, Zinc, and Magnesium Complexes and Their Applications in Ring Opening Polymerization of ε-Caprolactone.

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Dimeric Complexes 이량체 착물

Dimeric Complexes 이량체 착물
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