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Reading and Collaboration

Teaching Reading Digital Texts within Neuroscientific Achievements

Digital Text sentence examples within Interactive Digital Text

I Suck at This Game: “Let’s Play” Videos, Think-Alouds, and the Pedagogy of Bad Feelings

How interactive digital texts are designed: A critic to the current model

Digital Text sentence examples within Create Digital Text

Computer Vision for Continuous Bedside Pharmacological Data Extraction: A Novel Application of Artificial Intelligence for Clinical Data Recording and Biomedical Research

Video Production in Elementary Teacher Education as a Critical Digital Literacy Practice

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Discussion on the “Digital Recovery” of the Unearthed Texts of the Sutra Cave in the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, Lost Overseas for Centuries

Understanding Elementary Students’ Use of Digital Textbooks on Mobile Devices: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach

Digital Text sentence examples within Utilize Digital Text

An automatic quiz generation system utilizing digital textbook logs

An automatic quiz generation system utilizing digital textbook logs

Digital Text sentence examples within Versu Digital Text

Testing different devices to assess the meat tenderness: preliminary results

Investigating Effects of Reading Medium and Reading Purpose on Behavioral Engagement and Textual Integration in a Multiple Text Context

Digital Text sentence examples within Open Digital Text

Designing effective knowledge presentation techniques for large digital collections

From Proprietary Textbook to Custom OER Solution: Using Learner Feedback to Guide Design and Development.

Digital Text sentence examples within Dimensional Digital Text

Evaluating the Tire/Pavement Noise and Surface Texture of Low-Noise Micro-Surface Using 3D Digital Image Technology

Editorial: Trends and Advanced Materials for Pavement and Road Infrastructure

Digital Text sentence examples within digital text forensic

Overview of PAN 2021: Authorship Verification, Profiling Hate Speech Spreaders on Twitter, and Style Change Detection - Extended Abstract

Binary background model with geometric mean for author-independent authorship verification

Digital Text sentence examples within digital text message

Towards individualised treatment of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients: an update on technical innovations in the prehospital chain of survival

Modern Text Hiding, Text Steganalysis, and Applications: A Comparative Analysis

Digital Text sentence examples within digital text document

A Two-stage Text Feature Selection Algorithm for Improving Text Classification

R-Opitools – An Opinion Analytical Tool for Big Digital Text Document (DTD)

Digital Text sentence examples within digital text content

Bengali text document categorization based on very deep convolution neural network

UX Case Study: Tracking EHR automation, scarcity of attention, and transaction hazards

Digital Text sentence examples within digital text book

Evaluation of digital text book vs. print text book learning perceptions among dental students during covid-19. A questionnaire study

Collaborative digital textbooks – a comparison of five different designs shaping teaching and learning

Digital Text sentence examples within digital text collection

A Comparison of Search Functionalities in Several Tools Used for Searching within Digital Text Collections

Studying Political Decision Making With Automatic Text Analysis

Digital Text sentence examples within digital text image

Segmentation and Classification of Beatboxing Acoustic Voice Tract Variations in MRI through Image Processing Technique

Image Purification Technique for Myanmar OCR Applying Skew Aangle Detection and Free Skew

Digital Text sentence examples within digital text watermarking

Advanced security and privacy technique for digital text in smart grid communications

A Robust Digital Watermarking Algorithm for Text Document Copyright Protection based on Feature Coding

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Analisis Parameter Kompresi Algoritma Elias Omega Code dan Fibonacci Code Pada File Digital

Image processing technology for text recognition

Digital Text sentence examples within digital text information

Hybrid Attention-Based Transformer Block Model for Distant Supervision Relation Extraction

Digital Text Feature Extraction Using Singular Value Decomposition and Principal Component Analysis

Digital Text sentence examples within digital text sharing

”I don’t know if I can share this.”

“It’s not the same thing as last time I wrote a report”: Digital text sharing in changing organizations

Modelizing epistemologies: organizing Catholic sanctity from calendar-based martyrologies to today’s mobile apps

AdaptiFont: Increasing Individuals’ Reading Speed with a Generative Font Model and Bayesian Optimization

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Text Analysis of the Hybrid Digital Corpora

The effects of CO2 laser treatment on a digital velvet printing

Exploring the Computational Recovery of the Typographical Logic of Book Indexes as Paratext for Improving Navigation within Digitized Historical Texts with Semantic Model

Review of Researches on Arabic Social Media Text Mining

EEBO and Us

Interpreting the Islamic Spiritual Dimension in an Educational Aspects

More Digital Text 디지털 텍스트 sentence examples

Towards an Electronic Book Ontology: Nature and Properties

Maqāṣid al-Sharī‘ah on Islamic banking performance in Indonesia: a knowledge discovery via text mining

Reimagining Mobile Phones

This document may be damaged

Taming the Wild Etext: Managing, Annotating, and Sharing Tibetan Corpora in Open Spaces

The Role of Science Literacy Based Ta’lim Andragogy as an Alternative Media in Strengthening Covid-19 Awareness

Educational Responsibility in the Deepfake Era

GAVIN: Gaze-Assisted Voice-Based Implicit Note-taking

More Digital Text 디지털 텍스트 sentence examples

Epatage as a Characteristic Feature of Digital Media

Pengembangan buku ajar digital Geografi SMA berplatform aplikasi 3D Page Flip dengan pendekatan STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematic) materi keragaman budaya di Indonesia

Leadership for Education in a Digital Age


Implementation of the Gauss-Circle Map for encrypting and embedding simultaneously on digital image and digital text

O trabalho com o texto digital na sala de aula de línguas numa perspectiva transmodal

Geophysical electromagnetics: A retrospective, DISC 2017, and a look forward

Experiencing literature on the e‐reader: the effects of reading narrative texts on screen

Recognizing Handwritten Characters Using OCR & Converting into TTS

Literature in New Media: A Comparative Study of Literary Affordances of Lance Olsen’s “10:01” in Traditional and Digital Medium


Various Models for the Conversion of Handwritten Text to Digital Text


The synthesis and characterisation of the perylene acid dye inks for digital textile printing

Automated Semantic Annotation of Species Names in Handwritten Texts

Princely County of Gorizia and Gradisca, 1873-1914: creation and analysis of a digital corpus of periodicals in their historical context

Thai Character Segmentation in Handwriting Images using Four Directional Depth First Search

Digital memes and US pop politics. Dynamism and pervasiveness of a digital genre in the mobile Web era

Changing reading paths in a digital age: What are the consequences for meaning-making?

Hierarchical Topic Modeling for Urdu Text Articles

Empowering Expression for Users with Aphasia through Constrained Creativity

A Study on Online Delivery of Digital Textbooks in Korea

El meme en internet como texto digital: caracterización y usos sociales en procesos electorales / The internet meme as a digital text: characterization and social uses in electoral processes

Corpus and Technical TermBank

Elicitation of Appropriate Scratching Zones Based on Lecture Slide Layouts

Studying the expertise reversal of the multimedia signaling effect at a process level: evidence from eye tracking

Error Aligned

Firefly Based Word Spotting Technique for Searching Keywords from Cursive Document Images

Evaluating a voice-based interaction: a qualitative analysis


The Digital Griotte: Bessora’s Para/Textual Discourses on Identity Politics and Neocolonialism in Contemporary France

The meaning-making affordances of composing print and digital graphic narratives

Exploring factors affecting the emotions of middle school students toward using digital textbooks

Adoption of e-Books: A Digital Textbook Perspective

The Implementationof Digital Text Coding Algorithm Through A Three Dimensional Mapping Derived From Generalized ΔΔ-mKdV Equation Using Mathematica

SoS TextVis: An Extended Survey of Surveys on Text Visualization

Potential for Meaning Making in Mathematics Textbooks

Technology and writing: Review of research

Design and Development of a Large Cross-Lingual Plagiarism Corpus for Urdu-English Language Pair

‘This is your brain on devices’: Media accounts of young children’s use of digital technologies and implications for parents and teachers:

The text is reading you: teaching language in the age of the algorithm

Digital Text 디지털 텍스트

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