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Localization of multiple diffusion sources based on overlapping community detection

Mosaic Patterns in Reaction-Diffusion Systems

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Identifying the diffusion source of dementia spreading in structural brain networks

Modeling disease agents transmission dynamics in dementia on heterogeneous spatially embedded networks

Doping of silicon with phosphorus end-terminated polymers: source characterization and dopant diffusion in SiO2

Modelling the Latent Semantics of Diffusion Sources in Information Cascade Prediction

Diffusion SLAM: Localizing Diffusion Sources From Samples Taken by Location-Unaware Mobile Sensors

Investigation of Optical and Pyroelectric Properties of LithiumNiobate Single Crystals Caused by Metal Ions Diffusion

Origin of the coercivity difference in sintered Nd-Fe-B magnets by grain boundary diffusion process using TbH3 nanoparticles and TbF3 microparticles

Grain boundary diffusion treatment of sintered NdFeB magnets by low cost La-Al-Cu alloys with various Al/Cu ratios

Coercivity enhancement of Nd-Fe-B sintered magnet by grain boundary diffusion process using Pr-Tb-Cu-Al alloys

N-type vapor diffusion for the fabrication of GaSb thermophotovoltaic cells to increase the quantum efficiency in the long wavelength range

The Role of Ammonium Chloride in the Powder Thermal Diffusion Alloying Process on a Magnesium Alloy

Identifying Propagation Source in Large-Scale Networks

Clarifying the effects of La and Ce in the grain boundary diffusion sources on sintered NdFeB magnets

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Diffusion Sources 확산 소스

Diffusion Sources 확산 소스
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