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High secure sequence design in frequency hopping communications

Improved impossible differential cryptanalysis of large-block Rijndael

Differential Attacks sentence examples within Key Differential Attacks

Related-Key Boomerang Attacks on GIFT with Automated Trail Search Including BCT Effect

Related-key Differential Cryptanalysis of Full Round CRAFT

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The benefit of using chaos in key schedule algorithm

Electronic Medical Information Encryption Using Modified Blowfish Algorithm

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Proposed Parallel Algorithms to Encryption Image Based on Hybrid Enhancement RC5 and RSA

A Selective Cross-Substitution Technique for Encrypting Color Images Using Chaos, DNA Rules and SHA-512

A novel fast image encryption algorithm for embedded systems


Digital Emulation of a Versatile Memristor With Speech Encryption Application

Image encryption algorithm based on image hashing, improved chaotic mapping and DNA coding

A Low Power Cryptography Solution Based on Chaos Theory in Wireless Sensor Nodes

A New Hybrid Image Encryption Algorithm Based on 2D-CA, FSM-DNA Rule Generator, and FSBI

A Nature Inspired Color Image Encryption Technique to Protect the Satellite Images

Image encryption using complex hyper chaotic system by injecting impulse into parameters

A synchronous intertwining logistic map-DNA approach for color image encryption

An Enhanced Image Encryption Scheme Based on ECC and PWLCM

3C3R, an Image Encryption Algorithm Based on BBI, 2D-CA, and SM-DNA

White-Box cryptography based data encryption-decryption scheme for IoT environment

A chaotic image encryption algorithm based on zigzag-like transform and DNA-like coding

Image Encryption and Decryption using Chaotic System

AES Based on Key Dependently Nonlinear Redundant S-Box

The Retracing Boomerang Attack

An image encryption method based on chaos system and AES algorithm

Image encryption using sequence generated by cyclic group

A novel image encryption scheme based on improved random number generator and its implementation

RubiCrypt: Image Scrambling Encryption System Based on Rubik’s Cube Configuration

A novel bit permutation-based image encryption algorithm

Image Encryption Algorithm with Plaintext Related Chaining

Two Feistel rounds in image cryptography acting at the nucleotide level exploiting dna and rna property

Color image encryption based on DNA encoding and pair coupled chaotic maps

Secure Data Aggregation of Lightweight E-Healthcare IoT Devices With Fair Incentives

Classical Cryptanalysis Attacks on Logic Locking Techniques

Revisiting design principles of Salsa and ChaCha

Digital image encryption using chaotic DNA encoding in frequency-domain

A Novel Multiple Segmented Image Encryption

A Robust 3 Tier DNA blended chaotic framework for Grayscale images

An Image Mathcrypt - A Flawless Security via Flawed Image

A Fast and Efficient Datapath Designs of Lightweight Cipher RoadRunneR on FPGA’s for Resource Constrained Environments

Block-Based Arnold Chaotic Map for Image Encryption

A Remote-Sensing Image Encryption Scheme Using DNA Bases Probability and Two-Dimensional Logistic Map

Linear Approximation and Differential Attacks on Logic Locking Techniques

Chaotic image encryption algorithm using frequency-domain DNA encoding

A Chaos-Based Image Encryption Technique Utilizing Hilbert Curves and H-Fractals

Image Encryption based on Pseudo Hadamard Transformation with Constant Co-efficient

Further Observations on SIMON and SPECK Block Cipher Families

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Differential Attacks 차등 공격

Differential Attacks 차등 공격
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