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Examination of Multivalent Diagnoses Developed by a Diagnostic Program with an Artificial Neural Network for Devices in the Electric Hybrid Power Supply System “House on Water”

Delayed-Onset Neuropathological Complications From a Foramen Magnum and Occipital Crest-Focused Traumatic Brain Injury of the Vietnam War and Other Conflicts: Part II, Research Analysis.

Editorial: The Pros and Cons of Single-Practitioner Versus Interdisciplinary Management for Implant Patients

Stigma and Treatment of Eating Disorders in School Counselors in Turkey (STED-SCIT)

Diagnostic value of serum connective tissue growth factor in rheumatoid arthritis: methodological issues

Association between primary care physician diagnostic knowledge and death, hospitalisation and emergency department visits following an outpatient visit at risk for diagnostic error: a retrospective cohort study using medicare claims

A Review of Intelligent Fault Diagnosis for High-Speed Trains: Qualitative Approaches

Indicators for assessing state fiscal policy in the context of promoting sustainable development

Sentiment Analysis of Healthcare Big Data: A Fundamental Study

Diagnostic ability and inappropriate antibiotic prescriptions: a quasi-experimental study of primary care providers in rural China

Children’s Perspectives on the Experiences of Their Siblings with Chronic Disorders

A Thesaurus-Guided Method for Smart Manufacturing Diagnostics

Ontology-Driven Clinical Data Analyzer of Skin Diseases Based on SVM

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Diagnostic Knowledge 진단 지식

Diagnostic Knowledge 진단 지식
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