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Developing Diabetes sentence examples within impaired fasting glucose

Prevalence and risk factor of prediabetes: A cross-sectional study among young medical students in Mangalore

Serum Vitamin D Associated with Insulin Secretory Function in Impaired Fasting Glucose Subjects

Developing Diabetes sentence examples within impaired glucose tolerance

Diabetes and HIV

Glucose‐Responsiveness of Pancreatic β‐Like (GRP β‐L) Cells Generated from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

Developing Diabetes sentence examples within Patient Developing Diabetes

Long-Term Use of Statins Lowering the Risk of Rehospitalization Caused by Ischemic Stroke Among Middle-Aged Hyperlipidemic Patients: A Population-Based Study

Unusual case presentation of fungal ball infection causing diabetes insipidus and seizure disorder

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Developing Diabetes sentence examples within developing diabetes mellitu

Safety and efficacy of long-acting insulins (degludec and glargine) among type 2 diabetic Asian Population: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

The RelationsThe Relationship between Lifestyle with the Risk of Diabetes Mellitus in Staff and Lecturers of Universitas Megarezky

Developing Diabetes sentence examples within developing diabetes complication

Novel susceptibility loci identified in a genome-wide association study of type 2 diabetes complications in population of Latvia

Sleep disorders in people with type 2 diabetes and associated health outcomes: a review of the literature

Developing Diabetes sentence examples within developing diabetes within

Choice of HbA1c threshold for identifying individuals at high risk of type 2 diabetes and implications for diabetes prevention programmes: a cohort study

Comparing different definitions of prediabetes with subsequent risk of diabetes: an individual participant data meta-analysis involving 76 513 individuals and 8208 cases of incident diabetes

Developing Diabetes sentence examples within developing diabetes increased

Determination of Type 2 Diabetes Risk by Using of Diabetes Risk Questionnaire Prepared by Turkish Diabetes Association in People Living in the District of Zeytinburnu, Istanbul

Association between variability in body mass index and development of type 2 diabetes: Panasonic cohort study

Developing Diabetes sentence examples within developing diabetes compared

The risk of diabetes after giving birth to a macrosomic infant: data from the NHANES cohort

Incidence of new-onset diabetes mellitus and association with mortality in childhood solid organ transplant recipients: a population-based study

Developing Diabetes sentence examples within developing diabetes could

Prognostic Modeling and Prevention of Diabetes Using Machine Learning Technique

77-LB: Digital Behavioral Counseling in a Workforce Setting Reduces 8-Year Risk of Developing Type 2 Diabetes

Developing Diabetes sentence examples within developing diabetes associated

Association between sleep quality and type 2 diabetes at 20-year follow-up in the Southall and Brent REvisited (SABRE) cohort: a triethnic analysis

1531-P: Spontaneous Ketonuria Is Associated with Reduced Incidence of Diabetes

Developing Diabetes sentence examples within developing diabetes among

Adiponectin gene polymorphisms associated with diabetes mellitus: A descriptive review

196Association of longitudinal lifestyle patterns with diabetes risk among sedentary and not-sedentary workers

Service evaluation of weight gain in patients prescribed antipsychotics within the early intervention service

Risks of metabolic syndrome and diabetes with integrase inhibitor-based therapy: Republication

The Association Between Mean Glycated Haemoglobin or Glycaemic Variability and the Development of Retinopathy in People with Diabetes: A Retrospective Observational Cohort Study

Diabetes and COVID-19: Diseases of racial, social and glucose intolerance

Fatty liver index as a predictive marker for the development of diabetes: A retrospective cohort study using Japanese health check-up data

Investigation of Pancreatic Sonography Findings in Patients With Beta-Thalassemia Major

Occupational Noise Exposure and Diabetes Risk

The role of Wnt pathway in obesity induced inflammation and diabetes: a review

Increased risk of diabetes in cancer survivors: a pooled analysis of 13 population-based cohort studies

Hispanic/Latino Ethnic Identity and Diabetes: An Examination of Underlying Acculturation Processes and the Hispanic/Latino Health Advantage

It Is Not Just About Enrollment: Recognizing the Impact of RCT Recruitment Approaches on Prediabetes Awareness, Screening, and Capacity Building in African American Communities

Shift work and the onset of type 2 diabetes: results from a large-scale cohort among Japanese workers

485Prospective associations between sex hormone-binding globulin and risk of type 2 diabetes

A higher serum anion gap is associated with the risk of progressing to impaired fasting glucose and diabetes

Incidence and risk factors of gestational diabetes in Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences, Hubli


Obesity and Post-Transplant Diabetes Mellitus in Kidney Transplantation

Natural protection from type 1 diabetes in Non Obese Diabetic (NOD) mice is characterised by a unique pancreatic islet phenotype

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Assessment of diabetes risk among the 1st year medical students of a medical college in South Kerala: A cross-sectional study

In utero exposure to phenanthrene induced islet cell dysfunction in adult mice: Sex differences in the effects and potential causes.

Effects of Gynura bicolor on Glycemic Control and Antioxidant Ability in Prediabetes

Real-World Data on the Adverse Metabolic Effects of Second-Generation Antipsychotics and Their Potential Determinants in Adult Patients: A Systematic Review of Population-Based Studies

Polygenic prediction of type 2 diabetes in continental Africa

Interdisciplinary assessment and diagnostic algorithm: the role of the cardiologist.

Evaluation of an Electronic Platform to Record Lifestyle Habits in Subjects at Risk of Developing Type 2 Diabetes in a Middle-Income Population

Women’s perspectives on motivational factors for lifestyle changes after gestational diabetes and implications for diabetes prevention interventions


Plant-Based Dietary Patterns and the Incidence of Diabetes in the Boston Puerto Rican Health Study

Sudachi peel extract powder including the polymethoxylated flavone sudachitin improves visceral fat content in individuals at risk for developing diabetes

Knockdown of miR‐423‐5p simultaneously upgrades the eNOS and VEGFa pathways in ADSCs and improves erectile function in diabetic rats

Prospective Study of Plant-Based Dietary Patterns and Diabetes in Puerto Rican Adults.

Trends in the incidence of diagnosed diabetes: a multicountry analysis of aggregate data from 22 million diagnoses in high-income and middle-income settings.

An Electronic Health Record Compatible Model to Predict Personalized Treatment Effects from the Diabetes Prevention Program: A Cross-Evidence Synthesis Approach Using Clinical Trial and Real World Data

Long Term HbA1c Prediction Using Multi-Stage CGM Data Analysis

Irrational beliefs trigger depression and anxiety symptoms, and associated with increased inflammation and oxidative stress markers in the 10-year diabetes mellitus risk: the ATTICA epidemiological study

A Cross-Sectional Comparison of US Adult Diabetes Screening Levels by Disability Status

The Current and forecasted Status of Type 2 Diabetes in the Arab Society of Israel.

Effect of Almond Consumption on Metabolic Risk Factors—Glucose Metabolism, Hyperinsulinemia, Selected Markers of Inflammation: A Randomized Controlled Trial in Adolescents and Young Adults

Anti-obesity effects of instant fermented teas in vitro and in mice with high-fat-diet-induced obesity.

Utilization of HbA1c in Screening Living Kidney Donors With Prediabetes.


Predictors of Fast-Food Consumption based on the Prototype/Willingness Model in Students of Public Health School, Rafsanjan City, Iran

Cholesterol metabolism, pancreatic β-cell function and diabetes.

Chronic heavy alcohol consumption influences the association between genetic variants of GCK or INSR and the development of diabetes in men: A 12-year follow-up study

Risk of developing Diabetes Mellitus among urban poor South Indian population using Indian Diabetes Risk Score

Nomogram for predicting diabetes mellitus after the first attack of acute pancreatitis

The effect of community-based programs on diabetes prevention in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review and meta-analysis

A borderline HbA1c result


Snus: a compelling harm reduction alternative to cigarettes

837-P: Diabetes Support Needs in People with Severe Mental Illness and Diabetes

Prediabetes and Diabetes Screening in Dental Care Settings: NHANES 2013 to 2016

Exosomes and diabetes

miR-10b and miR-223-3p in serum microvesicles signal progression from prediabetes to type 2 diabetes

Prevention in Prison: The Diabetes Prevention Program in a Correctional Setting

Glycemic index and glycemic load in preventive cardiology – the state of knowledge, selected controversies

Study on maternal and foetal outcome of pregnancy with positive glucose tolerance test by diabetes in pregnancy study group diagnostic criteria

Changes In Type 2 Diabetes Risk Factors Among Employees Of Aluminum Company Of Egypt In The Last Three Years

The Interlinked Rising Epidemic of Insufficient Sleep and Diabetes Mellitus

Mutual Involvement in Families Living with Type 2 Diabetes: Using the Family Toolbox to Address Challenges Related to Knowledge, Communication, Support, Role Confusion, Everyday Practices and Mutual Worries

Predictive factors for the development of diabetes in cancer patients treated with phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase inhibitors

830-P: Influence of Social Circumstances on Maintenance of Body Weight and Incident Type 2 Diabetes: Analyses from the Diabetes Prevention Program

Postnatal β2 adrenergic treatment improves insulin sensitivity in lambs with IUGR but not persistent defects in pancreatic islets or skeletal muscle

Circulating microRNA-21 is an early predictor of ROS-mediated damage in subjects with high risk of developing diabetes and in drug-naïve T2D

1588-P: Regression to Normal Glucose Regulation in American Indians and Alaska Natives of a Diabetes Prevention Program

Effect of acute bitter melon intake on postprandial glucose and insulin in sedentary, abdominally obese persons

Circulating metabolites and the risk of type 2 diabetes: a prospective study of 11,896 young adults from four Finnish cohorts

Diabetic ketoacidosis in a child with congenital rubella syndrome: A case report and review of literature.

Naïve Bayes based Summarizing Ruleset in Prediction of Diabetes Mellitus using Magnum Opus

Prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes and Associated Risk Factors Among Saharawi Refugees (P10-071-19).

Incidence of new-onset diabetes with 1 mg versus 4 mg pitavastatin in patients at high risk of developing diabetes during a 3-year follow-up

Diabetic ketoacidosis in a child with congenital rubella syndrome: A case report and review of literature.

5-LB: Improving Diabetes Prevention with Benefit-Based Tailored Treatment: Disseminating Individualized Risk Estimates

Rural/urban disparities in access to the National Diabetes Prevention Program.

Metformin Monotherapy Downregulates Diabetes-Associated Inflammatory Status and Impacts on Mortality

More Evidence for a Prevention-Related Indication for Metformin: Let the Arguments Resume!

Recruitment of men to a multi-centre diabetes prevention trial: an evaluation of traditional and online promotional strategies

Riesgo epidemiológico de desarrollar diabetes mellitus tipo 2

Developing Diabetes 당뇨병 발병

Developing Diabetes 당뇨병 발병
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