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Diagnostics of the Condition of Sucker-Rod Pumping Units after the Analysis of Wattmeter Cards

Rigid Bridges Health Dynamic Monitoring Using 100 Hz GPS Single-Frequency and Accelerometers

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Location Detection Method of Detector in Pipeline Using VMD Algorithm and Machine Learning Classifier

MEMS-Based Electrochemical Seismometer Relying on a CAC Integrated Three-Electrode Structure

Vibration Detection in Distributed Acoustic Sensor With Threshold-Based Technique: A Statistical View and Analysis

Giant gauge factor of Van der Waals material based strain sensors

Ab-Initio Predictions of the Energy Harvesting Performance of L-Arginine and L-Valine Single Crystals

Space- and Angle-Resolved Vibrational Spectroscopy to Probe the Local Phonon Modes at Planar Defects

RFID Harmonic for Vibration Sensing

Relationship between lamellar sensory corpuscles distributed along the upper arm’s deep arteries and pulsating sensation of blood vessels

Toward text psychology analysis using social spider optimization algorithm

Anxiety and Language Development Correlation inHearing Impaired Children

Towards Physical-Layer Vibration Sensing with RFIDs

In-Phase and Quadrature Analysis for Amplitude and Frequency Modulations Due to Vibrations on a Surface-Acoustic-Wave Resonator

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Detecting Vibration 진동 감지

Detecting Vibration 진동 감지
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