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Desired Outcomes sentence examples within Achieve Desired Outcomes

Stepped-Wedge Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial for Intervention Research: Design and Analysis

Accessibility Indicators for the Geographical Assessment of Transport Planning in a Latin American Metropolitan Area

Desired Outcomes sentence examples within Achieving Desired Outcomes

The migration ban policy cycle: a comparative analysis of restrictions on the emigration of women domestic workers

Critical parameters influencing the quality of metal castings: a systematic literature review

Desired Outcomes sentence examples within Toward Desired Outcomes

Just do it or do it right? How regulatory mode relates to perceived responsibility and opportunity in collaborations

A Multifaceted Surrogate Model for Search-Based Procedural Content Generation

Desired Outcomes sentence examples within Produce Desired Outcomes


Reducing and Widening Disparities with Blind Evaluations: Evidence from a Field Experiment

Desired Outcomes sentence examples within Reaching Desired Outcomes

Optimizing the ocular surface prior to cataract surgery.


Desired Outcomes sentence examples within Facilitate Desired Outcomes

Stakeholder views about Land Use and Transport Integration in a rapidly-growing megacity: Social outcomes and integrated planning issues in Seoul

Synthesis of 1H-Pyrazol-5-yl-pyridin-2-yl-[1,2,4]triazinyl Soft-Lewis Basic Complexants via Metal and Oxidant Free [3 + 2] Dipolar Cycloaddition of Terminal Ethynyl Pyridines with Tosylhydrazides.

Desired Outcomes sentence examples within Obtain Desired Outcomes

A win-win situation: Does familiarity with a social robot modulate feedback monitoring and learning?

Influential Institutional Investors

Desired Outcomes sentence examples within Dual Desired Outcomes

Testimony and Meaning: A Qualitative Study of Black Women with Cancer Diagnoses

Testimony and meaning: A qualitative study of Black women with cancer diagnoses.

Desired Outcomes sentence examples within Reach Desired Outcomes

Positioning public procurement as a procedural tool for innovation: an empirical study

Book Review: From the mountains to the sea: The historic restoration of the Penobscot River

Desired Outcomes sentence examples within Variou Desired Outcomes

Practical Applications of ESG Investing: Conceptual Issues

Practical Applications of ESG Investing: Conceptual Issues

Desired Outcomes sentence examples within Three Desired Outcomes

Adaptation pathways: A review of approaches and a learning framework

Getting Young People to Farm: How Effective Is Thailand’s Young Smart Farmer Programme?

The motivations, desired outcomes, and visions of partner organizations to Collective Impact tree planting: A transdisciplinary case study of CommuniTree in Northwest Indiana, U.S

The Use Culturally Proficient Professional Development to Enhance Learning Transfer

The Role of Activeness for Potentiating Learning in LMOOCs for Vulnerable Groups

Determining Contextual Factors for a Heart Failure Self-Care Intervention: A Consensus Delphi Study (ACHIEVE).

Effects of different kinds of trust and leadership on outputs of collaborative processes: the case of personal social services in Israel

Photographic Nasal Soft Tissue Analysis From Preadolescence to Young Adulthood: Anthropometric Measurements.

Tinnitus-like “hallucinations” elicited by sensory deprivation in an entropy maximization recurrent neural network

A Novel Model for Data-Driven Smart Sustainable Cities of the Future: A Strategic Roadmap to Transformational Change in the Era of Big Data

A person-centered framework for designing music-based therapeutic studies in dementia: current barriers and a path forward.

Synergistic tomographic image reconstruction: part 1

Landing the Climate SDG into South Africa’s Development Trajectory: Mitigation Policies, Strategies and Institutional Setup

Syn3 Gene Knockout Negatively Impacts Aspects of Reversal Learning Performance

Integrating multiple influencing factors in evaluating the socioeconomic effects of payments for ecosystem services

Framing effect of environmental cost information on environmental awareness among high school students

Proposed Strategy for Incorporating Critical Thinking in Teacher Education to Support Teacher Professionalism

A realist evaluation of loneliness interventions for older people.

The Implementation of the European Prison Rules Regarding Education in Belgium and Ireland

Comparative analysis of epidemiological and clinical characteristics of appendicitis among children and adults.

Rurality and social innovation processes and outcomes: A realist evaluation of rural social enterprise activities


Indigenous-led environmental research in Aotearoa New Zealand: beyond a transdisciplinary model for best practice, empowerment and action

Comparative Study of Markov Chain With Recurrent Neural Network for Short Term Velocity Prediction Implemented on an Embedded System

The Conversations of Leaders.

Different aspects of frailty and COVID-19: points to consider in the current pandemic and future ones

Familial perceptions of appropriate treatment types and goals for a family member who has opioid use disorder.

A mapping of facilitators and barriers to evidence-based management in health systems: a scoping review study

Land-use Decisions in Complex Commons: Engaging Multiple Stakeholders through Foresight and Scenario Building in Indonesia

From Melanoma Development to RNA-Modified Dendritic Cell Vaccines: Highlighting the Lessons From the Past

The pragmatic, rapid, and iterative dissemination and implementation (PRIDI) cycle: adapting to the dynamic nature of public health emergencies (and beyond)

Factors influencing decision-making to accept elective caesarean section: A descriptive cross-sectional study

A techno-economic analysis of digital agriculture services: an ecological approach toward green growth

Derivative-dependent control of a fuel cell system with a safe implementation: An artificial delay approach

Towards an Educational Administration Curriculum That Addresses Maladministration in Internationalised Higher Education

Characterizing trade at the largest wildlife market of Amazonian Peru

Development of prehospital care quality indicators for the Australian setting: a modified RAND/UCLA appropriateness method

The need for purposeful teaching, learning and assessment of crisis resource management principles and practices in the undergraduate pre-hospital emergency care curriculum: A narrative literature review

Complexity of pharmacotherapeutic regimens for older adults in primary care in Brazil: a cross-sectional study

Improving the care for older emergency department patients: the Acutely Presenting Older Patient study

Forecasting Preventive Dental Quality Measures

Mortality Rate Prediction for COVID-19 Using Machine Learning Technique

Clinical supervision of mental health services: a systematic review of supervision characteristics and practices associated with formative and restorative outcomes

Evaluation of leadership curricula in general surgery residency programs.

Sucession Planning In Family Business: A Take A Look At A Tourism Business

Expert-Generated Standard Practice Elements for Evidence-Based Home Visiting Programs Using a Delphi Process

Forest Therapy Alone or with a Guide: Is There a Difference between Self-Guided Forest Therapy and Guided Forest Therapy Programs?

Do Patients of Chronic Low Back Pain have Psychological Comorbidities?

Influence of aspirin on prevention of colorectal cancer: an updated systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

The underlying components of data-driven smart sustainable cities of the future: a case study approach to an applied theoretical framework

‘We are all in this together’: Investigating alignments in intersectoral partnerships dedicated to K-12 food literacy education

Tailoring Temporal Message Frames to Individuals’ Time Orientation Strengthens the Relationship between Risk Perception and Behavioral Intention

Identification and Ranking the Most Significant Risks of the Mega Construction Projects in Saudi Arabia

War on Waste: Challenges and Experiences in COVID-19 Waste Management

Designing collaborative governance for nature-based solutions

Design and Development of Hybrid Hydrogels for Biomedical Applications: Recent Trends in Anticancer Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering

A Determinants-of-Fertility Ontology for Detecting Future Signals of Fertility Issues From Social Media Data: Development of an Ontology

Are the FTO Gene Polymorphisms Associated with Colorectal Cancer? A Meta-analysis

Modular performance prediction for scientific workflows using Machine Learning

Creating a novel approach to discourse treatment through coproduction with people with aphasia and speech and language therapists

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Reinforcement Learning Based Mobility Load Balancing with the Cell Individual Offset

Pathogen Biocontrol Using Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria (PGPR): Role of Bacterial Diversity

Creating Virtual Ensembles: Common Approaches from Research and Practice

Patient and Spine Surgeon Perceptions on Shared Decision Making in the Treatment of Older Adults Undergoing Corrective Surgery for Adult Spinal Deformity.

A Comparative Study of Selected Drug Delivery Systems: Key Emphasis on Cocrystallization

Improving the Delivery of High-Quality Cancer Care in Medically Underserved Communities: A Formative Evaluation Method

ICT-enabled organisational flexibility to support sustainable growth in Europe amidst a pandemic

Empowering Women in the Face of Body Ideals: A Scoping Review of Health Promotion Programs.

Investigations on the need matrix of Primary Fishermen’s Cooperative Societies in the district of North 24 Parganas, West Bengal

Window dressing: possibilities and limitations of incremental changes in solitary confinement

Surgical Burr-Assisted Lateral Osteotomy Technique in Septorhinoplasty.

Theories of change in Agile Psychology

Tracking the impact of nursing informatics

A Scoping Review of the Pharmacy Curriculum Outcomes Assessment Literature

Educators’ experiences with governance in curriculum change processes; a qualitative study using rich pictures

Modelling enablers of efficiency and sustainability of healthcare: a m-TISM approach

Artificial intelligence in healthcare

Synergistic tomographic image reconstruction: part 2

Data Centric Verification to Streamline Project Planning and Execution

DRAVET ENGAGE. Parent caregivers of children with Dravet syndrome: Perspectives, needs, and opportunities for clinical research

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