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Life Satisfaction during the Transition to Widowhood among Japanese Older Adults

Interventions to Reduce Medication Dispensing, Administration, and Monitoring Errors in Pediatric Professional Healthcare Settings: A Systematic Review

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Influence that job characteristics, personality, and burnout have on fatigue in professional drivers.

Changes in Alcohol Use during the COVID-19 Pandemic among Young Adults: The Prospective Effect of Anxiety and Depression

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Self in the Service: Self-Identification Moderates the Association between Perceived Drinking Norms and Own Drinking among Veterans

P167 Exploring Cooking and Shopping Behaviors in Low-Income African American and Hispanic Participants

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Characteristics Associated With People With Chronic Low Back Pain Meeting Physical Activity Guidelines and Recommendations for Sedentary Behavior: A Cross-Sectional Study.

Does physical activity lower the risk for metabolic syndrome: a longitudinal study of physically active older women

Enablers and Barriers to Implement COVID-19 Measures in Long-Term Care Facilities: A Mixed Methods Implementation Science Assessment in Chile

Bio-psychosocial factor of vaginismus in Iranian women

Protected Area Rangers as Cultural Brokers? Implications for Wildlife Crime Prevention in Viet Nam

Exploring the experiences related to postpartum changes: perspectives of mothers and healthcare providers in Iran

Spirituality, Religiosity and Coping Strategies Among Spanish People Diagnosed with Cancer

Four Fundamental Distinctions in Conceptions of Wellbeing Across Cultures

Sex-specific remodeling of T-cell compartment with aging: implications for rat susceptibility to central nervous system autoimmune diseases.

Respect for Religiosity: Review of Faith Integration in Health and Wellbeing Interventions with Muslim Minorities

Migration and outbreaks of vaccine-preventable disease in Europe: a systematic review.

How is the Theoretical Domains Framework Applied in Designing Interventions to Support Healthcare Practitioner Behaviour Change? A Systematic Review.

Covid-19 and pathways to health inequities for families in a socioeconomically disadvantaged area of Sweden – qualitative analysis of home visitors’ observations

Recursive Path Model for Health Literacy: The Effect of Social Support and Geographical Residence

Insomnia partially mediates the relationship between pathological personality traits and depression: a case-control study

Process Science: The Interdisciplinary Study of Continuous Change

Patterns of compliance with COVID-19 preventive behaviours: a latent class analysis of 20 000 UK adults

Neurovascular coupling and oxygenation are decreased in hippocampus compared to neocortex because of microvascular differences

Social Network Feedback and Drinking Outcomes among Emerging Adult Risky Drinkers Living in Urban Communities

Identifying barriers and facilitators of hearing protection use in early-career musicians: a basis for designing interventions to promote uptake and sustained use.

Socio-demographic Correlates of Pre-pregnancy Body Mass Index Among Low-income Women in Hawaii WIC Participating in a Randomised Trial

Age, gender, personality, burnout, job characteristics and job content as predictors of driver fatigue.

Cyberbullying Among School Adolescents in an Urban Setting of a Developing Country: Experience, Coping Strategies, and Mediating Effects of Different Support on Psychological Well-Being

Physiological Stress Responses Associated with High-Risk Occupational Duties

Thoughts of self-harm in early and late pregnancy in urban South Africa: Investigating prevalence, predictors and screening options.

The impact of nurse-led community-based models of care on hospital admission rates in heart failure patients: An integrative review.

Relationships Between Meaning in Life, Positive and Negative Affect, and Eating Behaviors: A Daily Diary Study

[Estimation of fat mass by anthropometric indicators in young people with Down syndrome].

Health Risk Perception of COVID -19 in Caribbean Countries

Childhood Maltreatment and Eating Disorders: A Prospective Investigation.

Patterns of compliance with COVID-19 preventive behaviours: a latent class analysis of 20,000 UK adults

Developing and Validating a Behavioural Model of Cyberinsurance Adoption

931-P: Supporting Physical Activity in Children with Type 1 Diabetes: A Survey of Health Care Professionals

What influences the “when” of eating and sleeping?A qualitative interview study

Applying the COM-B behaviour model to overcome barriers to heart failure self-care: A practical application of a conceptual framework for the development of complex interventions (ACHIEVE study).

The Relationship Between Internet Addiction and Sleep Quality Among Human Sciences Undergraduates During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Sexual behavior and sexual health of transgender women and men before treatment: Similarities and differences.

Geographic impact on access to care and survival for non-curative esophagogastric cancer: a population-based study

Identifying Direct and Indirect Influences on Vocabulary Development of Children from Low-Income Families from Infancy to Grade 5

Race, Ethnicity, and Neighborhood Food Environment Are Associated with Adolescent Sugary Drink Consumption During a 5-Year Community Campaign

Multilevel analysis of unhealthy bodyweight among women in Malawi: Does urbanisation matter?

Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices on Antimicrobial Use and Antimicrobial Resistance among Commercial Poultry Farmers in Bangladesh

What are the determinants of childhood infections in India’s peri-urban slums? A case study of eight cities

Attitude toward Aging Mediates the Relationship between Personality and Mental Health in Older Adults

[Nutritional Study in Spanish Pediatric Population (EsNuPI): updated findings and initial conclusions].

The relationship between professional self-concept and work-related quality of life of nurses working in the wards of patients with COVID-19

Aggressive driving: Do driving overconfidence and aggressive thoughts behind the wheel, drive professionals off the road?

Integrating social science into conservation planning

Participation Profile of Children and Youth, Aged 6–14, with and without ADHD, and the Impact of Environmental Factors

Policy sequencing to reduce tropical deforestation

Pain or fatigue: which correlates more with suffering in hospitalized cancer patients?

Developmental pathways from parental rejection to adolescent internet gaming disorder: A parallel process latent growth model

Using a sociotechnical systems analysis to evaluate an intervention to improve opioid prescribing in emergency medicine.

Using Behavioral Theory to Enhance Occupational Safety and Health: Applications to Health Care Workers

Why Does a Growth Mindset Intervention Impact Achievement Differently across Secondary Schools? Unpacking the Causal Mediation Mechanism from a National Multisite Randomized Experiment

Specific contribution of quadriceps muscle strength, endurance, and power to functional exercise capacity in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a multicenter study.

“Running myself ragged”: stressors faced by peer workers in overdose response settings

A Mobile App to Identify Lifestyle Indicators Related to Undergraduate Mental Health (Smart Healthy Campus): Observational App-Based Ecological Momentary Assessment.

Decent work in the Economy for the Common Good reports: a documentary analysis

What challenges do UK adults face when adhering to COVID-19-related instructions? Cross-sectional survey in a representative sample

Barriers and promotors in receptivity and utilization of feedback in a pre-clinical simulation based clinical training setting

Modulation of torque evoked by wide-pulse, high-frequency neuromuscular electrical stimulation and the potential implications for rehabilitation and training

Integrating the Analytics of Student Interaction Data Within Scratch with a Programming Skills Taxonomy

Human–Wildlife Interactions with Different Species in a Brazilian Park: A Naturalistic Approach