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A computational study of path-based methods for optimal traffic assignment with both inelastic and elastic demand

Projection-free kernel principal component analysis for denoising

Descent Direction sentence examples within conjugate gradient method

An Adaptive Three-Term Conjugate Gradient Method with Sufficient Descent Condition and Conjugacy Condition


Descent Direction sentence examples within Steepest Descent Direction

The modified PRP conjugate gradient algorithm under a non-descent line search and its application in the Muskingum model and image restoration problems

Allocation of flights to land at the terminals of an airport

Descent Direction sentence examples within Gradient Descent Direction

Vector analysis of inverse objective function for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of big capacity lead-acid battery

Nonparametric Tensor Completion Based on Gradient Descent and Nonconvex Penalty

Descent Direction sentence examples within Feasible Descent Direction

Adaptive Differential Evolution Algorithm Based on Restart Mechanism and Direction Information

An approximation algorithm for graph partitioning via deterministic annealing neural network

Descent Direction sentence examples within Sufficient Descent Direction

Two sufficient descent three-term conjugate gradient methods for unconstrained optimization problems with applications in compressive sensing

An Adaptive Three-Term Conjugate Gradient Method with Sufficient Descent Condition and Conjugacy Condition

Descent Direction sentence examples within Average Descent Direction

A Feasibility Study of 2-D Microwave Thorax Imaging Based on the Supervised Descent Method

Guided Wave Tomography Based on Supervised Descent Method for Quantitative Corrosion Imaging.

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Distance-guided protein folding based on generalized descent direction.

Distance-guided protein folding based on generalized descent direction

Descent Direction sentence examples within Stochastic Descent Direction

Adaptive Sampling line search for local stochastic optimization with integer variables

Online drift estimation for jump-diffusion processes

Descent Direction sentence examples within descent direction search

Allocation of flights to land at the terminals of an airport

Vector analysis of inverse objective function for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of big capacity lead-acid battery

Shape reconstruction in seismic full waveform inversion using a level set approach and time reversal

The convergence properties of a new hybrid conjugate gradient parameter for unconstrained optimization models

Risk-sensitive optimization for robust quantum controls

Supervised Descent Learning for Thoracic Electrical Impedance Tomography

Sequential Projected Newton method for regularization of nonlinear least squares problems

Shape Optimization of Soft Magnetic Composites Using Level-Set Method

1-D Inversion of GREATEM Data by Supervised Descent Learning

Resolving learning rates adaptively by locating stochastic non-negative associated gradient projection points using line searches

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A new modification of the quasi-newton method for unconstrained optimization

Ray-illumination compensation for adjoint-state first-arrival traveltime tomography

On Inf-Convolution-Based Robust Practical Stabilization Under Computational Uncertainty

Multi-template supervised descent method for face alignment

Estimation of the yield curve for Costa Rica using combinatorial optimization metaheuristics applied to nonlinear regression

The Performance Analysis of a New Modification of Conjugate Gradient Parameter for Unconstrained Optimization Models

Metropolis-Hastings Random Walk along the Gradient Descent Direction for MIMO Detection

Adaptive Levenberg–Marquardt Algorithm: A New Optimization Strategy for Levenberg–Marquardt Neural Networks

An Efficient Descent Method for Locally Lipschitz Multiobjective Optimization Problems

Time-Optimal Control of Dynamic Systems Regarding Final Constraints

Solving the production transportation problem via a deterministic annealing neural network method

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A modified sequential gradient-based method for the inverse estimation of transient heat transfer coefficients in non-linear one-dimensional heat conduction problems

Comparison of three novel hybrid metaheuristic algorithms for structural optimization problems

Optimized Machine Learning Algorithm using Hybrid Proximal Method with Spectral Gradient Techniques

Optimisation of Parameters in a German Bight Circulation Model by 4DVAR Assimilation of Current and Water Level Observations

Robust and Fast Magnetic Dipole Localization With Singular Value Truncated SDM

Deterministic approach for solving multi-objective non-smooth Environmental and Economic dispatch problem

Controlling Neural Networks via Energy Dissipation

Application of Supervised Descent Method to Parametric Level-set Approach

A primal perspective for indefinite kernel SVM problem

A Gradient-Based Globalization Strategy for the Newton Method

Non-smooth Non-convex Bregman Minimization: Unification and New Algorithms

An Infeasible Stochastic Approximation and Projection Algorithm for Stochastic Variational Inequalities

Extended Karush-Kuhn-Tucker condition for constrained interval optimization problems and its application in support vector machines

Learning Converged Propagations With Deep Prior Ensemble for Image Enhancement

An Approximate Penalty Method with Descent for Convex Optimization Problems

A subspace SQP method for equality constrained optimization

A proximal alternating direction method for multi-block coupled convex optimization

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Supervised Descent Method for Electrical Impedance Tomography

A non-monotone linear search algorithm with mixed direction on Stiefel manifold

A penalty method for nonlinear programming

Design, modelling and control of collaborative samara autorotating wings (SAW)

Probabilistic waveform inversion: Quest for the law

Coarse-to-Fine Supervised Descent Method for Face Alignment

Volume-based phase stability analysis including capillary pressure

Gradient Descent Analysis: On Visualizing the Training of Deep Neural Networks

Discrete sizing/layout/topology optimization of truss structures with an advanced Jaya algorithm

Mean gradient descent: an optimization approach for single-shot interferogram analysis.

A variables neighborhood search algorithm for solving fuzzy quadratic programming problems using modified Kerre’s method

Optimal Control of Thermostatic Loads for Planning Aggregate Consumption: Characterization of Solution and Explicit Strategies

A Multiple Path Gradient Projection Method for Solving the Logit-Based Stochastic User Equilibrium Problem

A New Search Direction via Hybrid Conjugate Gradient Coefficient for Solving Nonlinear System of Equations

A Projected Newton-type Algorithm for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Model Order Selection

The whirlpool algorithm based on physical phenomenon for solving optimization problems

A reduced-space line-search method for unconstrained optimization via random descent directions

An interior point continuous path-following trajectory for linear programming

Handling expensive multi-objective optimization problems with a cluster-based neighborhood regression model

Parallel Coordinate Descent Newton Method for Efficient $L_{1}$ -Regularized Loss Minimization

Generalized Adversarial Training in Riemannian Space

Simultaneous multi-descent regression and feature learning for facial landmarking in depth images

Energy Efficiency Optimization in MIMO Interference Channels: A Successive Pseudoconvex Approximation Approach

Extremum seeking control with an adaptive dither signal

On Critical Point for Functions with Bounded Parameters

Integral simplex using double decomposition for set partitioning problems

Single and Multi-channel Direct Visual Odometry with Binary Descriptors

Passenger assignment and pricing strategy for a passenger railway transportation system

A modified search direction method for inequality constrained optimization problems using the singular-value decomposition of normalized response gradients

Supervised Descent Method Using Neural Networks for 2D Electrical Impedance Tomography

Optimally Sample-Efficient Phase Retrieval with Deep Generative Models

A Stochastic Trust Region Method for Unconstrained Optimization Problems

Mechanical Identification of Materials and Structures with Optical Methods and Metaheuristic Optimization

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