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Case Report: Severe Adolescent Major Depressive Syndrome Turns Out to Be an Unusual Case of Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis

Trazodone Levels in Maternal Serum, Cord Blood, Breast Milk, and Neonatal Serum.

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Planned complex suicide involving combined drug intoxication and femoral catheterization.

Multiple drug overdose

Depressive Syndrome sentence examples within Severe Depressive Syndrome

Case Report: Severe Adolescent Major Depressive Syndrome Turns Out to Be an Unusual Case of Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis

Well-Being and Mental Health of Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Undernutrition Measured by the Mini Nutritional Assessment (MNA) Test and Related Risk Factors in Older Adults Under Hospital Emergency Care

Undernutrition measured by the Mini Nutritional Assessment (MNA) test and related risk factors in older adults under hospital emergency care.

Pramipexole extended release: new options for continuous dopaminergic stimulation in Parkinson’s disease

School bullying int Tunisia: Psychological profile of harassers


Effective Connectivity Between the Orbitofrontal Cortex and the Precuneus Differentiates Major Psychiatric Disorders: Results from a Transdiagnostic Spectral DCM Study.

Severe Symptomatic SIADH as a Sign of Unknow Hypopituitarism: A Case Report

Challenges and Strategies for Current Classifications of Depressive Disorders: Proposal for Future Diagnostic Standards.

Relation between personality dimensions and symptomatology of depression in skin cancer patients

Clinical Heterogeneity in ME/CFS. A Way to Understand Long-COVID19 Fatigue

Machine Learning-Based Definition of Symptom Clusters and Selection of Antidepressants for Depressive Syndrome

Effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Narrative, Group Therapy on Improving the Cognitive Outcomes in Students with Depressive Symptoms

S-ademetionine in the treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)

The effect of depressive symptomatology on the association of vitamin D and sleep

The 4YouLab Model: A Dedicated-Program for Adolescents and Young Adults With Cancer in a Children’s Hospital

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Anxiety-depressive syndrome in patients with damage to the central nervous system by herpes viruses

Toward Generalizable and Transdiagnostic Tools for Psychosis Prediction: An Independent Validation and Improvement of the NAPLS-2 Risk Calculator in the Multisite PRONIA Cohort

Spontaneous and instructed emotion regulation in dysphoria: Effects on emotion experience and use of other emotion regulation strategies

Tenofovir alafenamide/tenofovir disoproxil fumarate

Does coronavirus pose a challenge to the diagnoses of anxiety and depression? A view from psychiatry

Psychotherapy as a Moderator of the Relationship Between Coping Strategies and Anxiety During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Use of three-dimensional reconstruction in 3D molds as an adjuvant in the treatment of cranial and spinal pathologies: Technical details and case report

Network Analysis of the Symptoms of Depressive Disorders Over the Course of Therapy: Changes in Centrality Measures

Causal risk and protective factors in rheumatoid arthritis: A genetic update

Biological rhythms and chronotherapeutics in depression

Effects of polygenic risk for major mental disorders and cross-disorder on cortical complexity.

Neuropsychiatric Consequences of Lipophilic Beta-Blockers

Depression and its determinants among adolescents in Jimma town, Southwest Ethiopia

A Review on Depressive Disorders in Cancer Patients

Quality of Life in Children with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis.

A Case of Duloxetine-induced Syndrome of Inappropriate Secretion of Antidiuretic Hormone in a Super-elderly Patient.

Subjective sleep quality and association with depression syndrome, chronic diseases and health-related physical fitness in the middle-aged and elderly

Basic concepts of psychotherapeutic correction in patients with schizophrenia

The Importance of New Findings of Research on Consciousness for the Treatment of Depression in Elderly


Anxiety-Depressive Syndrome and Binge-Watching Among Young Adults

Reply to COVID‐19 in patients with hematological malignancies: Considering the role of tyrosine kinase inhibitors

Is Trazodone Contramid Useful in Inducing Patients to Refrain From Using Cocaine After Detoxification, so Avoiding Early Relapse? A Case Series

Current pharmacotherapeutic approaches for dysthymic disorder and persistent depressive disorder

[The tired child].

[Organic and psychiatric intricacy: The complex psychiatric disorder concept, paraclinical investigations].

Neuroinflammation and aberrant hippocampal plasticity in a mouse model of emotional stress evoked by exposure to ultrasound of alternating frequencies

Contemporary Issues in Depressive Disorders

Facebook usage and mental health: An empirical study of role of non-directional social comparisons in the UK


Prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and somatisation in recently arrived refugees in Germany: an epidemiological study.

La violencia de pareja en las pacientes que consultan por dolor torácico en urgencias

Green plasma and a blocked CRRT circuit due to drug-induced hyperlipidemia

Relationship between Internet Gaming Disorder with Depressive Syndrome and Dopamine Transporter Condition in Online Games Player

The novel methoxetamine analogs N-ethylnorketamine hydrochloride (NENK), 2-MeO-N-ethylketamine hydrochloride (2-MeO-NEK), and 4-MeO-N-ethylketamine hydrochloride (4-MeO-NEK) elicit rapid antidepressant effects via activation of AMPA and 5-HT2 receptors

Insulin resistance and depression: Relationship and treatment implications

Disentangling Race and Place in Depressive Symptoms in Men

Assessment of comorbid mild cognitive impairment and depression in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Religiosity, personality development and protective mechanism against disobedience: a review

Migrant Workers and Psychological Health: A Systematic Review

Treatment of Depression in Parkinson’s Disease

[The risk of medical comorbidity in mental disorders with a particular focus on depressive syndromes].

Burnout and Depression: Same Phenomenon or Overlapping Constructs? Response to Bianchi et al.


Вплив комбінованого фітопрепарату Седаристон на вуглеводний обмін і психоемоційний стан хворих на цукровий діабет із депресивним синдромом

Screening for depression in cancer patients using the PHQ-9: The accuracy of somatic compared to non-somatic items.

Depression of the elderly revealing a primary hypothyroidism

Multimodal Treatment of Patients with Mental Symptom Load: A Pre–Post Comparison

No Indians to Spare: Depression and Suicide in Indigenous American Children and Youth.

Identification and treatment of depressive disorders in older adults with cancer.

Measurement of negative and depressive symptoms: Discriminatory relevance of affect and expression.

Chaihu-Shugan-San Reinforces CYP3A4 Expression via Pregnane X Receptor in Depressive Treatment of Liver-Qi Stagnation Syndrome

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Depressive Syndrome 우울증 증후군

Depressive Syndrome 우울증 증후군
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