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Opportunities, Challenges, and Potential Solutions in the Application of Fast-Switching SiC Power Devices and Converters

Multi-objective design optimization of a Tubular Permanent Magnet Linear Generator with 120° Phase Belt Toroidal Windings

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Tail Latency Optimization for LDPC based High-Density and Low-Cost Flash Memory Devices

A 40nm 100Kb 118.44TOPS/W Ternary-weight Computein-Memory RRAM Macro with Voltage-sensing Read and Write Verification for reliable multi-bit RRAM operation

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Core-sheath 3D printing of highly conductive and MoS2-loaded electrode with pseudocapacitive behavior

Designed high-performance lithium-ion battery electrodes using a novel hybrid model-data driven approach

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Binder Jetting Additive Manufacturing: Effect of Particle Size Distribution on Density

A 176-Stacked 512Gb 3b/Cell 3D-NAND Flash with 10.8Gb/mm2 Density with a Peripheral Circuit Under Cell Array Architecture

Direct metal fabrication in rapid prototyping: A review

A Logic Simplification Approach for Very Large Scale Crosstalk Circuit Designs

Effect of Nano-ferrite addition on mechanical properties and gamma ray attenuation coefficient of steel fiber reinforced heavy weight concrete

Increase of the critical current density of MgB2 superconducting bulk samples by means of methylene blue dye additions

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Density Improvement 밀도 향상

Density Improvement 밀도 향상
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