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Universal heat exchanger for air and evaporative cooling of electronics

Dielectric BN nanosheet / PVDF composites with high thermal conductivity

Density Electron sentence examples within High Density Electron

Novel Ultralow On-resistance Accumulation-mode LDMOS with Integrated Diodes

Effect of space charge on vacuum pre-breakdown voltage and electron emission current

Density Electron sentence examples within Charge Density Electron

Bridging the gap of storage ring light sources and linac-driven free-electron lasers

Velocity Saturation in La-doped BaSnO3 Thin Films

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Density Electron sentence examples within density electron beam

Particle resonances and trapping of direct laser acceleration in a laser-plasma channel

Bridging the gap of storage ring light sources and linac-driven free-electron lasers

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Spectral dependence of THz emission from InN and InGaN layers

Giant polarization charge density at lattice-matched GaN/ScN interfaces

In-gap states of an amorphous In–Ga–Zn–O thin film studied via high-sensitivity ultraviolet photoemission spectroscopy using low-energy photons

Blue-shift in optical bandgap of sprayed nanocrystalline Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films induced by 200 MeV Xe swift heavy ions irradiation

Single-Dislocation Schottky Diodes.

Improving the Photovoltage of Blade-Coated MAPbI3 Perovskite Solar Cells via Surface and Grain Boundary Passivation with π-Conjugated Phenyl Boronic Acids.

Scattering of Rydberg excitons by phonon-plasmon modes

Compositionally graded III-nitride alloys: building blocks for efficient ultraviolet optoelectronics and power electronics

Purely one-dimensional ferroelectricity and antiferroelectricity from van der Waals niobium oxide trihalides

Two Carboxyl-Decorated Anionic Metal-Organic Frameworks as Solid-State Electrolytes Exhibiting High Li+ and Zn2+ Conductivity.

Numerical homogenization of thermal conductivity of particle-filled thermal interface material by fast Fourier transform method

A review of ultra-thin ferroelectric films

Spatio-temporal Characteristics of Plasma Channel in An Interdigitated GaAs Photoconductive Semiconductor Switch at nJ Optical Excitation

Coupling of iron phthalocyanine at carbon defect site via π-π stacking for enhanced oxygen reduction reaction

Numerical analysis on the effect of microstructures on the thermal and mechanical properties of carbon fiber / Al2O3 thermal pad

Encapsulating NH4Br in a metal organic framework: achieving remarkable proton conduction in a wide relative humidity range.

High-density neural recordings from feline sacral dorsal root ganglia with thin-film array

A Study on the Control of Residual Stress of Copper Thick-Film Using 2D Nanomaterial.

Three-Dimesnional Semicondoctor Stacking using TSV(Through-Si-Via) Technology

Thermal Design, Optimization, and Packaging of Planar Magnetic Components

Noncured Graphene Thermal Interface Materials for High-Power Electronics: Minimizing the Thermal Contact Resistance

Generation of Tunable 10-mJ-Level Terahertz Pulses through Nonlinear Plasma Wakefield Modulation

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Observation of Surface Plasmon Polaritons excited on Si Transiently Metalized with An Intense Femtosecond Laser pulse

3-D Printed Microjet Impingement Cooling for Thermal Management of Ultrahigh-Power GaN Transistors

An Integrated Liquid Metal Thermal Switch for Active Thermal Management of Electronics

Embedded Microjets for Thermal Management of High Power-Density Electronic Devices

Novel electrode technologies for neural recordings

Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Performance of Additively Manufactured Polymer Heat Spreaders for Low-Weight Directed Cooling Integration in Power Electronics

Influence of a Novel 2D Material MXene on the Behavior of Memristor and Its Crossbar Array

One‐step Conversion of Fructose to Furfuryl Alcohol in a Continuous Fixed‐bed Reactor: The Important Role of Supports

Epoxy Composites with Surface Modified Silicon Carbide Filler for High Temperature Molding Compounds

Polylithic Integration of 2.5D and 3D Chiplets Using Interconnect Stitching

Nanostructure Formation on Silicon Suboxide with Plasmonic Near-Field Ablation Induced by Femtosecond Laser Pulses

Highly Mobile Carriers in a Candidate of Quasi-Two-Dimensional Topological Semimetal AuTe2Br

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A diamond made microchannel heat sink for high-density heat flux dissipation

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Density Electron 밀도 전자

Density Electron 밀도 전자
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