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Magnetically Recyclable Graphene Oxide Demulsifier Adapting Wide pH Conditions on Detachment of Oil in the Crude Oil-in-Water Emulsion.

Removal of Oil from a Crude Oil-in-Water Emulsion by a Magnetically Recyclable Diatomite Demulsifier

Synthesis and Application of New Multibranched–Linear–Multibranched Fluorinated Copolymer as Demulsifiers for Naphthenic Compounds Stabilized Emulsion

The demulsification of crude oil emulsion driven by a natural lotus leaf grafted with nano-SiO2

Preparation of a recyclable demulsifier for the treatment of emulsified oil wastewater by chitosan modification and sodium oleate grafting Fe3O4

Novel synthesized polymeric surfactants additives based on phenethylamine as an emulsion breaker for water droplet coalescence in naturally Egyptian crude oil emulsion

Application of magnetic nanoparticles in demulsification: A review on synthesis, performance, recyclability, and challenges

New Amphiphilic Tricationic Imidazolium and Pyridinium Ionic Liquids for Demulsification of Arabic Heavy Crude Oil Brine Emulsions

Treatment of biofuel production wastewater by a combined freezing method for resources recovery and waste reduction

Demulsification of crude oil emulsion using carbonized cotton/silica composites

Enhancing Demulsification Performance for Oil-Water Separation through Encapsulating Ionic Liquids in the Pore of MIL-100(Fe).

Dehydration of crude oil by cellulose-based demulsifiers: statistical modeling, sensitivity analysis and optimization

Removal of Emulsified Oil from Aqueous Environment by Using Polyvinylpyrrolidone-Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles

Emulsion Polymerization of P (MMA-AA-EA) and Its Demulsifying Performance in Water/Oil Emulsion

Practical Modification of Tannic Acid Polyether Demulsifier and Its Highly Efficient Demulsification for Water-in-Aging Crude Oil Emulsions

Functionalized graphene oxide with core-shell of [email protected] acid nanospheres as a recyclable demulsifier for effective removal of emulsified oil from oily wastewater

An evaluation of lignocellulosic solutions from OPEFB pulping process as demulsifiers for crude oil emulsion demulsification

Demulsification of crude oil emulsion by capacitative sensor system measurement: introduction to apparatus and methodology

Crude oil/water emulsion separation using graphene oxide and amine-modified graphene oxide particles

Preparation of oxidized carbon black grafted with nanoscale silica and its demulsification performance in water-in-oil emulsion

Synthesis of a Novel Environmentally Friendly andInterfacially Active CNTs/SiO 2 Demulsifier for W/O CrudeOil Emulsion Separation

Optimization and characterization of magnetite–reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites for demulsification of crude oil in water emulsion

Palm oil fuel ash (POFA) as a demulsifier for crude oil emulsions: Performance and mechanism

Aggregation of oil droplets and demulsification performance of oil-in-water emulsion in bidirectional pulsed electric field

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Demulsification Performance 해유화 성능

Demulsification Performance 해유화 성능
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