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Demodulation Scheme sentence examples within quadrature phase shifted

Fast Dynamic Strain Measurement in the Spallation Mercury Target Using Fiber-Optic Sensors

All-Fiber Phase-Shifted Demodulation System for Fabry-Perot Interferometric Sensors

Demodulation Scheme sentence examples within phase generated carrier

Modified phase-generated carrier demodulation of fiber-optic interferometric ultrasound sensors.

Analysis on leading-fiber-induced Doppler noise in interferometric FBG sensor arrays using polarization switching and PGC hybrid processing method.

Demodulation Scheme sentence examples within Optical Demodulation Scheme

On the effect of I/Q imbalance in mixed RF/FSO cooperative relaying systems

Impact of RF I/Q Imbalance on Interference-Limited Mixed RF/FSO TWR Systems With Non-Zero Boresight Error

Demodulation Scheme sentence examples within Novel Demodulation Scheme

A Demodulation Scheme Based on Measuring Interference Fringe Visibility With a Highly Birefringent Fiber Based Michelson Interferometer

MPPSK Demodulation Based on Neural Network under Impulsive Noise

Demodulation Scheme sentence examples within Coherent Demodulation Scheme

Coherent optical fiber interferometric sensor for incipient cavitation index detection

Low-Complexity Computation of Zero-Forcing Equalizers for Massive MIMO-OFDM

Demodulation Scheme sentence examples within Synchronou Demodulation Scheme

Self-Synchronized DS/SS With High Spread Factors for Robust Millimeter-Wave Datalinks

Synchronous Adaptive Resolver-to-Digital Converter for FPGA-Based High-Performance Control Loops

Demodulation Scheme sentence examples within Quadrature Demodulation Scheme

TWDM-Assisted Active Quadrature Demodulation of Fiber-Optic Fabry–Perot Acoustic Sensor Network

High-speed data acquisition of the reader of the SAW RFID system

Demodulation Scheme sentence examples within Amplitude Demodulation Scheme

On the modeling of amplitude-sensitive electron spin resonance (ESR) detection using voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO)-based ESR-on-a-chip detectors

On the modeling of amplitude-sensitive ESR detection using VCO-based ESR-on-a-chip detectors

Demodulation Scheme sentence examples within demodulation scheme provide

Real-Valued Orthogonal Sequences for Iterative Channel Estimation in MIMO-FBMC Systems

Deep Convolutional Learning-Aided Detector for Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing with Index Modulation

An Ultralow-Power OOK/BFSK/DBPSK Wake-Up Receiver Based on Injection-Locked Oscillator

Blind-based demodulation scheme for virtual massive MIMO systems

A Survey on Modulation Techniques in Molecular Communication via Diffusion

Residual Intensity Modulation Induced Error in Resonator Fiber Optic Gyroscopes With Reciprocal Detection

PAM4 rolling-shutter demodulation using a pixel-per-symbol labeling neural network for optical camera communications.

Non-Invasive Measurement for Cardiac Variations Using a Fiber Optic Sensor

A Time-Varying Chaotic Multitone Communication Method Based on OFDM for Low Detection Probability of Eavesdroppers

Deep Learning Neural Network for CAP Modulation in Visible Light Communication System

A Parameterizable Chisel Generator of Numerically Controlled Oscillators for Direct Digital Synthesis

BER Analysis and Optimization of Direct Antenna Modulation for Magnetic Induction Communication

A New Data Modulation and Demodulation Scheme for THz Communications

Hybrid Chirp Signal Design for Improved Long-Range (LoRa) Communications

Extended Beamforming by Restored Phase Information of Virtual Array Input Signal

Performance of CRC-Aided Erasure Demodulation for M-ary Chirp Spread Spectrum Signal

Low-Light Demosaicking and Denoising for Small Pixels Using Learned Frequency Selection

Data-Aided Carrier Recovery with QPSK Modulation

PMI/RI Selection Based on Channel Capacity Increment Ratio

The Modulation Technology of Chaotic Multi-Tone and its Application in Covert Communication System

A wavelength swept laser-based demodulation method for long-distance fiber Bragg grating sensing

Spatial frequency domain spectroscopy imaging using a snap-shot filter mosaic camera compared to a multi-camera system with band-pass filters (Conference Presentation)

Optimal Design of a High Voltage High Frequency Transformer and Power Drive System for Long Pulse Modulators

Learning to Communicate with Limited Co-design

Concentration-based demodulation scheme for mobile receiver in molecular communication

Design of Current-Assisted Photonic Demodulator (CAPD) for Time-of-Flight CMOS Image Sensor

Spaced color shift keying modulation for camera-based visible light communication system using rolling shutter effect

Dynamic phase extraction in high-SNR DAS based on UWFBGs without phase unwrapping using scalable homodyne demodulation in direct detection.

Quadrature demodulation in line-scan focal modulation microscopy for imaging 3D zebrafish neural structure.

Imposition and Transmission of QPSK Communication Through LabVIEW Using USRP

V-Band Multi-Port Direct Down-Conversion Receivers: Experimental Implementations and Performance Comparison

LED-based indoor visible light communication system

Lightweight Machine Learning for Efficient Frequency-Offset-Aware Demodulation

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Demodulation Scheme 복조 방식

Demodulation Scheme 복조 방식
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