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Barker-coded modulation laser thermography for CFRP laminates delamination detection

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis on Delaminated Flax Fiber Reinforced Composites

Mixing of Lamb Waves at Delamination Defect in a Unidirectional GFRP Laminate

Detection of delamination defects inside carbon fiber reinforced plastic laminates by measuring eddy-current loss

A New Laser Ultrasonic Inspection Method for the Detection of Multiple Delamination Defects

Delamination Detection and Evaluation in Composite Laminates Using Guided Ultrasonic Waves

Application of Teager–Kaiser’s Instantaneous Frequency for Detection of Delamination in FRP Composite Materials

Delamination detection in composite laminates using improved surrogate-assisted optimization

Application of laser ultrasonic for detecting delamination in Cu/Al composites

Delamination Detection in Fiber Metal Laminates Using Ultrasonic Wavefield Imaging

Pure SH0 wave tomography for delamination detection in aerospace composites

The Simulation and Detection of Copper/Polyimide Delamination of Fan-Out Package Trace/ Passivation Interface

Delamination Detection Using Electrical Resistance Change Method and its Reliability

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Study of Interaction of Eddy Current Probes and Delamination in Multidirectional CFRP

Detección de delaminaciones en puentes de concreto armado usando Termografía Infrarroja

CNN-Based Deep Architecture for Reinforced Concrete Delamination Segmentation Through Thermography

Detection of Internal Delamination in Composite Mono Leaf Spring based on Vibration Characteristics

Thermographic Laplacian-Pyramid Filtering to Enhance Delamination Detection in Concrete Structure

Design development of (Ba1-xCax)(Ti1-ySny)O3 lead-free piezo ceramic by two manufacturing methods of CSS and SPS, promising for delamination damage detection

Bridge deck delamination segmentation based on aerial thermography through regularized grayscale morphological reconstruction and gradient statistics

Detection of delaminations in reinforced concrete bridges using Infrared Thermography

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Delamination Detection 박리 감지

Delamination Detection 박리 감지
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