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Epidemiology and clinical outcomes of spinal cord injuries at a level II trauma centre in Nigeria: a longitudinal five year study

Surgical strategy for femoral shaft fractures in severely injured patients: A 13-year experience from a tertiary trauma centre.

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Facial Swelling in the Presence of a COVID-19 Diagnosis: Case Report

Creating a Pediatric Prehospital Destination Decision Tool Using a Modified Delphi Method

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Emergency department management of severely injured children in New South Wales.

Comparing the outcomes of isolated, serious traumatic brain injury in older adults managed at major trauma centres and neurosurgical services: A registry-based cohort study.

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A review of secondary interfacility trauma transfers meeting provincial prehospital trauma triage guidelines.

Is neurotrauma training in rural New South Wales still required following the implementation of the New South Wales State Trauma Plan?

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Trauma and Emergency Surgery—a Career with Passion

Complete Title: Selective Prehospital Advanced Resuscitative Care - Developing A Strategy to Prevent Prehospital Deaths From Noncompressible Torso Hemorrhage.

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Operative management and outcomes of brachial artery revascularization following delayed presentation of traumatic brachial artery injury: surgical persistence rewarded

Evaluation of prolonged ‘Permissive Hypotension’: results from a 6-hour hemorrhage protocol in swine

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Teledermatology Consultation Can Optimize Treatment of Cutaneous Disease by Nondermatologists in Under-Resourced Clinics.

Prehospital Care and In-Hospital Initial Trauma Management

Trends in Cancer Treatment for Oral Cavity, Oropharynx, and Larynx in 2016 Versus 2009: SEER Patterns of Care Studies.

Emergency Medical Services Clinicians’ Pediatric Destination Decision-Making: A Qualitative Study

Critical Care Anywhere: Principles for High-Functioning Management in Low-Resource Environments

Pathways and factors that influence time to definitive trauma care for injured children in New South Wales, Australia.

Prepatching Reduces Paramedic In-Hospital Time for Emergent Interfacility Transfers of Patients Requiring Mechanical Ventilation or Vasopressors: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Recommendations on the Management of Interhospital Transport of Pediatric Patients With Mediastinal Mass.

Awareness and Attitudes of Primary Caregivers toward End-of-Life Care in Advanced Cancer Patients: A Cross-Sectional Study

Remote ischemic preconditioning improves tissue oxygenation in a porcine model of controlled hemorrhage without fluid resuscitation

Injured adolescents—should they be treated as big kids or little adults?

Profile of congenital heart disease and access to definitive care among children seen at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital in Northern Uganda: a four-year experience

The contribution of helicopter emergency medical services in the pre-hospital care of penetrating torso injuries in a semi-rural setting

Efficacy of past, present, and future fluid strategies in an improved large animal model of non-compressible intra-abdominal hemorrhage.

Ambulance service call handler and clinician identification of stroke in North East Ambulance Service.

Is it a matter of time? The effect of transfer time on femur fracture outcomes

Characterization of Long-range Aeromedical Transport and Its Relationship to the Development of Traumatic Extremity Compartment Syndrome: A 7-year, Retrospective Study.

Utilization, Barriers and Determinants of Emergency Medical Services in Mekelle City, Tigray, Ethiopia: A Community-Based Cross-Sectional Study

Comparison of Cost vs. Reimbursement for Definitive Radiotherapy in Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer Using Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing.

Mixed feelings about mixed‐field agglutination: A pathway for managing females of childbearing potential of unknown RhD‐type who are transfused RhD‐positive and RhD‐negative red blood cells during emergency hemorrhage resuscitation

Strategies for the treatment of femoral fractures in severely injured patients: trends in over two decades from the TraumaRegister DGU®

Implementing an Structural Prototype of Emergency Services in Web – Application

Saving the brain after mild-to-moderate traumatic injury: a report on new insights of the physiology underlying adequate maintenance of cerebral perfusion.

Definitive Treatment of Neurological Decompression Sickness in a Resource Limited Location.

Proximal Extra-articular Tibial Fractures Associated with Soft-tissue Impairment in Geriatric Patients: Definitive Treatment by Hybrid External Fixation

Evaluating our progress with trauma transfer imaging: repeat CT scans, incomplete imaging, and delayed definitive care

Insurance Status and Disparities in Outpatient Care after Traumatic Injuries of the Hand: A Retrospective Cohort Study

P1.002 Prehospital trauma burden managed by a South African provincial Emergency Medical Service

Rates and clinical impact of discordant X-ray and CT imaging in transfers to a pediatric emergency department.

Patient Outcomes From Ground vs Helicopter Emergency Medical Services: The Challenges of an Accurate Comparison.

The Added Burden of Transfer Status in Patients Undergoing Surgery After Sustaining a Periprosthetic Fracture of the Hip or Knee

A survey of Midwest physicians’ experiences with patients in psychiatric distress in the emergency department

Effectiveness of community outreach screening for glaucoma in improving equity and access to eye care in Nigeria

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Simulation Curriculum: Vitamin K Deficiency in the Newborn

What primary care clinicians need to know about pilonidal disease.

Evaluation of an Expedited Trauma Transfer Protocol: Right Place, Right Time.

Epidemiology of pregnant patients with major trauma in Victoria.

A Retrospective study of the pre-hospital trauma burden managed by the Western Cape Government Emergency Medical Services

Critical Care In The Air –When Seconds Matter Airmed South Texas

Direct admission versus transfer to a tertiary hospital for definitive management of lower extremity injuries: Systematic review and meta-analysis

Career transition of middle-aged professionals

Access to specialist hospital care and injury survivability: identifying opportunities through an observational study of prehospital trauma fatalities.

Emergency department visits for dental problems among adults with private dental insurance: A national observational study.

Timelines to Cervical Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment at a Tertiary Hospital in Botswana

Association of traumatic brain injury severity and time to definitive care in three low-middle-income European countries

Lessons from practice

A-SA SOS: A Mobile- and IoT-based Pre-hospital Emergency Service for the Elderly and Village Health Volunteers

Discrepancy in clinical outcomes of patients with gunshot wounds in car hijacking: a South African experience.

The medical perspective on mining incidents : Interviews with emergency medical service (EMS) personnel

Definitive Management of a Traumatic Airway: Case Report.

Comparison of Outcomes After Treatment of Large Vessel Occlusion in a Critical Care Resuscitation Unit or a Neurocritical Care Unit

Management of multiple traumas in emergency medicine department: A review

Hypobaria during long-range flight resulted in significantly increased histopathological evidence of lung and brain damage in a swine model

Military Teleconsultation Services Facilitate Prompt Recognition and Treatment of a Case of Syphilitic Uveitis Aboard a United States Navy Aircraft Carrier at Sea During Combat Operations Without Evacuation Capability.

Pericardiocentesis in an Ambulance: A Case Report and Lessons Learned.

Identifying patients with time-sensitive injuries: Association of mortality with increasing prehospital time

Emergency Department Versus Operating Suite Intubation in Operative Trauma Patients: Does Location Matter?

The trauma system and the patient – A national, regional and individual perspective