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NF-κB-Inducing Kinase Rewires Metabolic Homeostasis and Promotes Diet-Induced Obesity

Vitamin B6 deficiency disrupts serotonin signaling in pancreatic islets and induces gestational diabetes in mice

Roles of selenoprotein S in reactive oxygen species-dependent neutrophil extracellular trap formation induced by selenium-deficient arteritis

Dedicator of cytokinesis protein 2 couples with lymphoid enhancer-binding factor 1 to regulate expression of CD21 and B-cell differentiation.

Mind the Gap between the Endothelium and E3 Ubiquitin Ligase: TRIM21 Is a Viable Therapeutic Target in Sepsis-induced Endothelial Dysfunction

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Deficiency Regulates 결핍 조절

Deficiency Regulates 결핍 조절
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